Former F1 star Ralf Schumacher does little to pardon four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

German star Vettel, 33, has been driving quietly for a long time.

Schumacher, 45, who missed the championship in his own career but won a total of six GP races, even questions the meaningfulness of continuing his compatriot’s F1 career.

For this season, Vettel moved from Ferrari to Aston Martin, where he has been overshadowed by his teammate Lance Stroll.

Vettel doesn’t have a single World Cup point, and his grip isn’t convincing anyway.

Vettel himself has made it clear that getting used to his new drive has eaten up the performance.

Schumacher, who now works as a media expert and is still an F1 insider, told Planet F1 German Sky that Vettel’s “excuses” will soon run out.

- Sebastian Vettel's task in future competitions is to successfully dominate his teammate.

As a four-time world champion, he has to do it, Schumacher insisted.

- If he is not clearly better in the next race than before, and is not able to develop his team in this way, then at some point we have to ask if there is any point in this anymore, Schumacher loaded.

Schumacher noted that Vettel has three races to improve his grip.

Schumacher believes Vettel’s adjustment problems should be behind him at the latest.

The next F1 race will be gassed as early as Sunday, when the program will feature the renowned Monaco GP.