- No.

He has been injured for most of the last year, that he would be in shape for a European Championship play-off, that probability is low, says Nannskog, who instead wants to see a different European Championship role for the experienced defender.

- I want to have him as a leader, he can be with the change down on the training field.

"Getting Granqvist involved is very important, partly for his routine but also for his qualities as a driving force and leader in the training field where he controls and puts his teammates in the right positions," says Nannskog.

He continues:

- There is a lot of theory (reviews) at a championship, where he can contribute a lot with his eyes.

How, then, will Janne Andersson form the back line in the European Championship premiere against Spain on 14 June?

- I want to see it grow, see who are in top shape and do well in training.

But if it had been a match tomorrow?

- Funny on the right, Lindelöf and Danielsson in the back line and Augustinsson on the left.

CLIP: Janne Andersson on Andreas Granqvist's European Championship chances

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Andreas Granqvist.

Photo: BildbyrÄn.