Swedish swimming has struggled a lot with the results in recent years - but now two Swedish future jumps are emerging.

Emma Gullstrand and Emilia Nilsson Garip.

Both have been part of a special initiative, and have had their sights on the Swedish Olympic Committee, SOK, which has followed their development.

"I want to avoid comparing them"

- Both swimmers have made great results now, they are young and have had a nice development, says Reinebo.

- It is on the same level.

There are a few different merits, one is 18 and the other is 20 years old.

But I want to avoid comparing them.

Reinebo thinks it is fun that both Gullstrand and Nilsson Garip have performed at the European Championships, but despite the formalities, neither the bronze medalist nor Nilsson Garip has secured an Olympic place in Tokyo.

- We will see what the total Olympic quota list says once we are there.

Not all international quota seats have been allocated yet.

So we are waiting there to have all the conditions, Reinebo concludes.

ARCHIVE: Emma Gullstrand takes the European Championship bridge on the three-meter failure in Budapest (16 May 2021)

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Emma Gullstrand celebrates her surprising European Championship bronze in Budapest. Photo: TT