Andreas Granqvist has been team captain in Janne Andersson's national team.

But in the past year, the 36-year-old has been injured and has not played as much in his club team Helsingborg.

Despite that, "Granen" was in Andersson's latest squad as an extra player and also in the European Championship squad, the superettan player has good chances to join if you listen to the national team captain.

- Andreas has been injured unfortunately and he does not have the day form today to take a place, but he has other qualities in his leadership.

We will be locked in a bubble hopefully for a long time.

How we feel together, how we work, that part ... It is important that players and leaders add energy.

Due to the pandemic, the squad may contain 26 players instead of the usual 23.

Janne Andersson does not want to reveal if Granqvist is involved but says:

- Of course, it increases the possibility for such a player to join.

Janne Andersson presents the troupe at 5.30 pm tonight.

The European Championships will be decided from 11 June to 11 July.