It's storming in Brynäs right now.

The club had a very difficult season in the SHL where they were forced to qualify to stay and after two Brynäs players were requested to be detained for, among other things, rape and assault in a close relationship, Unicef ​​terminated its cooperation with the club.

Both players have been released from custody.

At the same time, the club lacks people in several important positions in the club.

Among other things, a club director has been missing.

But on Monday, two new names were presented for that post.

They take over

Organizational analyst Gunnar Ekman, who worked with the club during the winter and spring, and Jennie Brobeck, who both come from the organizational and leadership consulting company River Jump, will take over as acting club directors, the club writes on its website.

"The duo has a full mandate to implement the action plan that has been developed in all parts of the association and in parallel with the club's change work, the recruitment of a new club director is underway."

, writes the club.

The qualifying coach will remain

In addition, Josef Boumedienne, who led Brynäs as head coach in the qualifiers, will remain in the club and work with advice on sports issues and with recruitment during the spring and summer.

- We will work to secure the "Hockey Factory" of the future and rebuild Brynäs after this turbulent time.

We need to establish a credibility and a trust in the club in general towards our supporters.

Together, we will build an innovative association with a sustainable and developing culture for individuals both on and off the ice, says Per-Johan Johansson, board member of Brynäs on the website.

CLIP: Board member Per-Johan Johansson on Brynäs crisis (11 May 2021)

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Hear board member Per-Johan Johansson comment on what happened and how it affected Brynäs.

Photo: Anders Sundin / SVT