On the 10th day of the Sumo Summer Basho, Ozeki and Terunofuji, who are the only ones to win 9 consecutive victories, will face Kiribayama in the flat curtain.

In the summer place, Terunofuji, who returned to Ozeki, piled up white stars with his outstanding concentration, and yesterday he won the best with Sekiwake and Takayasu, who was not good at it, with a racy sumo wrestling. ..

There will be no one loss, and five people, including Ozeki / Takakeishō and Koyui / Mitakeumi, will follow with two losses.

On the 18th of the 10th day, Terunofuji played against Kiribayama in the flat curtain, and the past match record was Terunofuji's 2 wins and 2 wins.

For Terunofuji, it would be perfect if we could pull the Mawashi firmly and go out before, and we would like to make sure to give a white star to the opponent in the final stage of the game.

In order to find a chance for Mt. Kiriba, there is no choice but to put on his head and take the front honey to create an advantageous posture and to eat it.

Takakeishō, who lost on the 17th and retreated to 2 losses, has been playing against his rival, Abu Saki, since he was in elementary school in the same grade.

The past match record is 6 wins and 3 losses of Takakeishō.

Abu Saki is expected to have a fierce push-and-push exchange because he is good at push sumo as well as Takakeishō.

It seems that the key to the game will be which one can push up from below with a lower position.

Mitakeumi, who lost two, will play against Ozeki and Asanoyama.

In past matches, Mitakeumi leads with 6 wins and 4 losses.

In Mitakeumi, the battle with three or more roles is the most important thing to remain in the battle for the championship at the end of the place right now.