There was no jubilation among the Dutch relay swimmers on Monday after the second place in the 4x100 meter freestyle at the European Championship in Budapest.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Kira Toussaint, Marrit Steenbergen and Femke Heemskerk finished 0.12 seconds behind the British women.

Kromowidjojo was especially critical of himself.

As the opening swimmer, she did put the Netherlands in the lead, but in her eyes it could have been a bit faster than 53.5 seconds.

"My opening time was not very special. But let it be a good lesson towards Tokyo", thirty-year-old 'Kromo' looked ahead to the Olympic Games next summer.

"We have to stay sharp."

After Toussaint's relief, the Netherlands dropped to third, a position that Steenbergen could not improve.

As a final swimmer, Heemskerk ensured silver thanks to a strong final shot.

Despite equaling her personal record (51.99 seconds), Heemskerk had mixed feelings after her performance.

"I am very happy with my split. I swam really well as I felt."

"I don't want to be dissatisfied, but I'm fed up with the silver. The gold was in it and it just should have been. I just wanted gold."

In 2008, the Dutch swimmers, including Kromowidjojo and Heemskerk, conquered Olympic gold in the 4x100 meters in Beijing.

Four years later, there was silver in London, followed by fourth place at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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