Are the Olympics going to take place?

A poll published this Monday once again puts a new blow to the event.

In it, more than 80% of Japanese say they are opposed to their organization this summer, less than 10 weeks before their official opening.

This opinion poll was carried out by the daily


after the Japanese government's decision on Friday to expand the state of health emergency to nine departments in the country, facing a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections. The poll reveals that 43% of those questioned want the Games to be canceled and 40% a further postponement. Those numbers are up from the 35% who supported the cancellation in a survey by the same newspaper a month ago and the 34% who wanted a further postponement.

Only 14% are in favor of holding the Games as planned this summer, compared to 28% previously.

If they do take place, 59% of those polled said they did not want an audience, 33% favoring a reduction in the number of spectators and 3% favoring Games with normal capacity in the stadiums.

The organizers try to reassure

For months, all polls have shown that a majority of Japanese oppose the holding of the Olympics from July 23 to August 8.

Another poll carried out by the Kyodo news agency and published on Sunday shows that 59.7% of those questioned are in favor of canceling the Olympics, although a new postponement was not cited as an option.

The organizers of the Olympic Games, however, keep repeating that very strict measures, including regular tests on athletes and the ban on spectators from abroad, will allow the Olympics to be held "in complete safety".

But the Kyodo poll found that 87.7% of those polled fear the influx of athletes and delegations could spread the coronavirus.


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