Sporthotel Fuchsbachtal in Barsinghausen: It couldn't be more secluded. And this place, Barsinghausen, home of the Lower Saxony Football Association, sounds so much like the old Federal Republic, like leather balls and angular posts that it should be ideal for a new, old coach with great merits in the past to get a team on 34th Prepare for the matchday. Maybe that's the very best thing about the dire situation Werder Bremen has maneuvered into: Thomas Schaaf is allowed to prepare his team in the province. In the so-called quarantine training camp prescribed by the DFL. This is certainly possible more undisturbed than on the practice areas at the Weser Stadium. If a wagon castle mentality can be built anywhere, it is here.

On Sunday at 12.50 p.m. Thomas Schaaf did not let it be known whether his heart opened in view of the peace and quiet in Barsinghausen when he took his trolley case down the narrow path from the parking lot to the hotel. The face mask prevented that. A few meters behind him was Wolfgang Rolff, the loyal adjutant, his assistant from before and now also today, on Saturday against Gladbach and then possibly for two more games in the relegation.

At night, sports director Frank Baumann informed coach Florian Kohfeldt. No more time should pass after the 2-0 draw at FC Augsburg. Baumann, fellow board members Klaus Filbry and Hubertus Hess-Grunewald as well as Marco Bode from the supervisory board had agreed to bring forward the separation from Kohfeldt planned for the end of the season and to put him out of the door immediately by June 30, 2023 despite a contract.

Schaaf had already stood by for the cup game against RB Leipzig. But then the ultimatum that Baumann had given his friend Kohfeldt did not take effect - the team resisted at 1: 2 after extra time; Kohfeldt was allowed to continue. But only from game to game. What gave hope in the 0-0 draw against Leverkusen seemed hopeless on Saturday in Augsburg: too harmless up front even against ten Swabians, clumsy on the defensive when Christian Groß saw the yellow-red card shortly after the break and the personal advantage was gone .

“One sensed a perplexity in Augsburg. With the trend of the past two years, this has led to the conviction that the team has lost faith in this constellation, "said Baumann on Sunday in the" double pass "on the Sport1 channel. “Florian tried a lot to master the difficult situation. Of course, something happens to players if that doesn't work out for the long term. The development has been dramatized by the seven or eight defeats in a row. "

Werder seemed to be on the safe side for a long time. In the catch-up game they won 2-0 in Bielefeld on March 10th. This was followed by nine games without a win and only five goals. The fact that Kohfeldt had only been implementing requirements from above for a long time because Werder is suffering from the financial consequences of the pandemic has long been credited to him: “Florian had to play football that he actually doesn't want to and can't stand for. That meant that he might not be able to convey with the one hundred percent conviction that he was the right coach for this difficult situation, ”said Baumann.

Thomas Schaaf has just turned 60; he experienced his comeback in Werder three years ago when Baumann made him "Technical Director". Schaaf should better interlink the youth and professional areas so that more talents make the breakthrough. Apparently they were happy with it at Werder and wanted to extend their contract despite cost pressure. Now the task is different. Baumann said: “The greatest effect of a change of coach is when the team believes in the constellation is down. And then it doesn't matter how many games there are left. Training or a new approach can lead to a reaction from the players. Thomas can inspire enthusiasm and instill self-confidence with his experience and the way in which he demands the basic virtues of the players. And it is very importantthat we have a trainer who doesn't need a lot of time to get used to. "

Baumann announced on Sunday that Schaaf will be the last professional trainer from the “Werder family” for the time being: “We will hire an external trainer in the new season. We looked around in our own stables, but this time there is no suitable candidate. ”The next question in what might be a“ relentless coming to terms ”this time will be what responsibility the sports director bears for the impending relegation.