China News Service, Beijing, May 16th. The Chinese table tennis team's Tokyo Olympics list is on the 16th. Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Liu Shiwen, Wang Chuqin, Wang Manyu (Wang Chuqin and Wang Manyu are P card players) will Represented the Chinese team in the Tokyo Olympics and hit all 5 gold medals in table tennis.

  As the "dream team" of the international table tennis world, the Chinese table tennis team is powerful and talented, and many people have been curious about how its Olympic lineup came into being.

When the China Table Tennis Association announced the Tokyo Olympics list on the 16th, it also revealed the "insiders" of the list.

  According to reports, the selection of the Chinese table tennis team for the Tokyo Olympics is in accordance with the requirements of the State Sports General Administration on the selection of Tokyo Olympics, and in accordance with the "Methods for the Selection of Table Tennis Events to Participate in the Tokyo Olympics" formulated by the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

This list is based on the collective discussion of the coaching staff of the Chinese Table Tennis Team, discussed by the leading group meeting of the selection work, and submitted to the Chairman’s Office of the China Table Tennis Association for research and final approval.

  According to the selection method, outstanding performance in the competition, excellent foreign record, strong psychological quality and strong ability to withstand pressure have become the "threshold" for athletes to be selected for the Olympic lineup.

In addition, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate athletes' competitive strength, physical fitness, injury recovery, etc., as well as the ideology of winning glory for the country and taking into account the overall situation, and reasonably determine the athletes' concurrent events.

  It is worth mentioning that in 2019, the China Table Tennis Association's strategic system staff for preparing for the Tokyo Olympics was established. Before the coaching staff announced the Olympic list, the leading group meeting of the Olympic selection work first invited the staff of the staff to form a "think tank." ", to announce their respective Olympic lineups.

  The three meritorious coaches Lu Yuansheng, Yin Xiao and Li Xiaodong and the three "Grand Slam" athletes Wang Nan, Zhang Yining and Li Xiaoxia expressed their opinions.

Coincidentally, the selection of the staff's lineup coincides with the list proposed by the coaching staff.

After a collective discussion and voting, the Olympic list was approved by a unanimous vote.

  In this list, for the men’s team, the "Grand Slam" winner and the captain of the national table tennis team, Ma Long, and the world number one Fan Zhendong will join the men’s singles competition. They will also join forces with Xu Xin to defend the men’s team. Honor; In terms of women's line, Chen Meng, now ranked number one in the world, and "post-00" teenager Sun Yingsha participated in the women's singles competition. Liu Shiwen, who has returned from injury, will play in the women's team competition with two teammates.

In addition, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen will join forces in the mixed doubles event.

  According to the coach of the Chinese table tennis team, the men’s team was discussed and researched by the coaching staff, and the opinions were highly unanimous. The selection of the women’s team experienced "happiness troubles", but after collective discussion and voting, the final result was produced. It is fair and just.

Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen, who participated in the mixed doubles competition, not only proved their strength with their results, they are also the highest technical level players in the national table tennis men's doubles and women's doubles at this stage.

  "The purpose of the Olympic selection is to select the most trustworthy athletes to participate in and complete the glorious mission of'raising the national flag and playing the national anthem.' The country wins glory." said Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

  The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics by one year also means that the Paris Olympic cycle has been reduced by one year.

Last year, Liu Guoliang was keenly aware of the urgency of preparations for the two adjacent Olympic cycles, so he established the mission of "preparing for Tokyo and looking at Paris" early.

This new Olympic lineup, with three veterans in the lineup and boldly employing new players, is also fully taking into account the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics and the layout of the Paris Olympics, for the long-lasting prosperity of the national football.

  Liu Guoliang said that the Tokyo Olympics is a completely different Olympics from the past, full of uncertainties and unknown challenges. You cannot rely on previous Olympic experience, but you need to carefully consider every link and detail from preparation to competition.

"The coaching staff has to prepare for the worst and the most difficult, but they must also do their best to defend the glory of the national football in the Tokyo Olympics!" (End)