Steven Berghuis has taken up for the supporters who entered De Kuip on Sunday during Feyenoord-RKC (3-0).

According to the captain of the Rotterdam team, the action was intended to be positive.

Trainer Dick Advocaat was shocked by the unexpected visit of the fans.

Halfway through the second half, the supporters entered the stadium with a lot of shouting and lit torches in the stands.

After a short delay, the dozens of supporters left De Kuip by themselves and the match could resume.

"No, I was not shocked by those fireworks," said Berghuis at



"I've been here for five years now and I'm used to something. I think it's meant to support us towards the play-offs. That's how we understood it as a team."

As with the vast majority of games of this Eredivisie season, the game was not open to the public due to the corona pandemic.

It is unclear what exactly was the intention of the fans, who were mainly dressed in black and some of whom wore balaclavas.

"The stadium is closed, they can not actually enter. Then we went there for a while and we clapped. But it was actually over in no time", Berghuis continued, who indicated that he and his fellow players were just clapping for to keep calm.

"Running away makes much less sense. I think we have solved it well."

Supporters invade De Kuip during Feyenoord-RKC.

Supporters invade De Kuip during Feyenoord-RKC.

Photo: ANP

Lawyer is shocked by supporter action

Unlike Berghuis, Advocaat looked at the fans' action with a concerned look.

"It shocked me a bit, yes," admitted the 73-year-old resident of The Hague.

"Did I want to run? No, they'll come after you. I would never do that."

"It's not allowed, but the fans are probably also frustrated that they have not been able to see their favorites for almost a year and a half," said Advocaat.

The moment the supporters entered the stadium, the 3-0 final score was already on the scoreboard due to hits by Nicolai Jørgensen, Jens Toornstra and Berghuis.

Both clubs had nothing left to play for.

Feyenoord finished fifth in the Eredivisie and will take on Sparta in the play-offs for the Conference League on Wednesday.

In case of a win, a meeting with FC Utrecht or FC Groningen awaits.

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