Shuhei Tada, who is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics in a short distance for men on land, participated in the 100-meter race at the business team competition held in Osaka City, and won the championship with a personal best time of 10 seconds 19 this season.

24-year-old Tada is aiming to participate in the Tokyo Olympics with a 100-meter relay with a personal best of 10 seconds 07 and a 400-meter relay aiming to win a gold medal.

Last week, he finished 2nd in the international competition held at the National Stadium and raised the world ranking to 34th. We aimed to break the record of 10 seconds 05.

The qualifying held in the morning was 10 seconds 66 and the semi-final was 10 seconds 45, both of which ran with plenty of time to advance to the final.

In the final, he jumped out of his own starting point, accelerated from the middle stage onward, and won the championship away from second place and below.

The time set a personal best of the season at 10 seconds 19 in a windless condition, but it did not break the standard participation record.

Tada is scheduled to participate in the Japan Championships, which will be the representative selection after participating in the tournament to be held in Tottori Prefecture next month.

Tada "I became confident for the next time"

Tada said, "It's been a while since I've run three races a day, and I'm a little tired of the final. It's a big thing for me to set the best time of the season and I'm confident for the next one." I told you.

On the other hand, regarding the Olympic participation standard record of 10 seconds 05, which was aimed at breaking through, "I ran hard to cut it, but the start part did not go well and the second half became hard. However, I corrected today's problem. I think we can break through if we go. "

For the future, he was enthusiastic, saying, "I want to improve my body in this condition and cut 10 seconds 05 in the next tournament. Since all the top players in Japan are scheduled to participate, I want to win there and gain confidence." ..