▲ Haley Davidson before (left) and after sex reassignment surgery

A golf player undergoing gender reassignment surgery won the American Women's Mini Tour.

According to US Golf Week, Haley Davidson won the National Women's Golf Association Tour Tournament held at Providence Golf Club in Florida, USA with a total of 2 rounds of 2 under par 142 strokes.

Davidson, 28, underwent sex reassignment surgery in January of this year, and is said to have started receiving hormone therapy in September 2015.

Golf Week reported that "the previous case of a transgender player winning a women's professional golf tournament in the United States has not been confirmed," and that this is meaningful to Davidson's victory.

Davidson has already been notified by the American Golf Association of the USGA that it meets the criteria for women's competition, and the LPGA tour is also "contemplating whether Haley can compete in our competition."

Previously, the LPGA Tour removed the clause saying that'you must be a woman when you are born to participate in the tournament' from 2010.

After winning the competition, Davidson expressed his willingness to challenge the LPGA Tour Qualifying School, saying, "We won't just stay on the mini tour."

LPGA star Paula Creamer also participated in the tournament, and finished third in runner-up after Davidson.

Davidson said, "Since I started receiving hormone therapy, my swing speed has decreased by 14.5 km and my flying distance has decreased by about 30 yards."

As for the men's competition, he even competed in the 2015 US Open Regional Qualifier.

(Photo = Davidson social media photo capture, Yonhap News)