Asuka Teramoto, who aimed to participate in the Olympic Games for the third consecutive tournament through gymnastics, was unable to be nominated as a representative after finishing fifth at the NHK Cup on the 15th.

Even so, after the performance, I shed tears and felt a sense of fulfillment, saying, "I really think I've done so well in the last 10 years."

Teramoto, 25, has participated in the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro for the second time in a row, and has been leading Japanese girls for about 10 years.

In February of last year, he suffered a serious injury that ruptured the Achilles ken on his left foot, but he returned to the competition after repeated rehabilitation.

He finished 6th in the All Japan Championship last month and was aiming for the third Olympics at the NHK Cup.

However, he says that his right ankle, which had been hurt originally during the past month, began to hurt again, and he could not practice for a long time.

To the NHK Cup, where the representative is unofficially decided, "It's a world of competition, it's not a sweet thing. It's not so when asked if I can fight with my current gymnastics. At the NHK Cup, I want to deliver Asuka Teramoto's gymnastics to fans and spectators. I thought, "I changed my mind.

In the first event, the vault, he brilliantly decided on the difficult "Chusovicina", which he had practiced as a "skill to fight in the world", and marked the second highest score among the participating players.

In the final event, Yuka's landing, the balance was greatly lost, and the result was 5th place, which was not decided as a representative, but he smiled after the competition.

At the press conference, he recalled, "It's very refreshing. Today, I was acting while feeling the happiness of being on this stage. I enjoyed this atmosphere rather than the selection of representatives."

He said, "I think I've done so well in the last 10 years. I've been at the top for 10 years, so I had a lot of thoughts and things. I'm glad I've been able to pull Japan so far. I'm happy. I think it was, and I really enjoyed it. "