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My name is Lennart Klem and I will keep you informed of the play-offs for a ticket to the Eredivisie.

The confrontations in the post-competition this year are about one game instead of two.

  • LIVE:

  • Almere City-NEC 


  • Results:

  • NAC-Volendam 4-1

  • De Graafschap-Roda 2-3

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55 'After the break, we have not seen any huge opportunities on both sides.

NEC will think that is fine, but Almere City will have to step up a gear.

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48 'The game is paused due to an injury at Édgar Barreto.

He is now back, so we can play football again in Almere.

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46 'Kick-off! 

We play football again in Almere.

Can the home team still turn it around or will NEC hold onto the lead here?

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It's peace! 

NEC leads Almere City with 0-2 halfway through goals from Jonathan Okita and Jordy Bruijn.

The home team saw a hit by Thomas Verheydt disallowed, while Bruijn also missed a penalty.

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45 'There is another minute in Almere.

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43 'Ilias Alhaft curls a free kick from the right with left towards the far corner, but Branderhorst has another good save and keeps his goal clean.

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  • Jordy Bruijn and penalties today: 1-1

  • Almere City-NEC after 42 minutes: 0-2

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40 'GOAL NEC! 


Again Bruijn takes the penalty kick, again he does it with a hop, but now he does score.

So it is 0-2 for NEC visiting Almere City.

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39 'Penalty NEC!

The ball hits the spot again for NEC!

Verheydt works Van Eijden to the ground and so Blom points to the dot for the second time.

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38 'Okita is now also close to 2-0.

The right foot takes a ball from the air full on the slipper, but the shot goes a little too much through the middle, allowing goalkeeper Woud to save.

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36 'GOAL NEC! 


Now it is a hit for NEC.

Steve Tunga of Almere City makes a mistake on a long pass and Jonathan Okita manages to take advantage.

The attacker cuts in from the left and hits the short corner with the right.

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34 'A rejected goal, nice chances and a missed penalty.

This first half of Almere City-NEC is certainly not boring, but there has not been scored yet.

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One of the rescues of NEC goalkeeper Branderhorst in the picture.

After half an hour of player, there have been more chances for Almere City, but NEC got the biggest: Bruijn, however, missed the penalty.

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The moment Woud returns the penalty from Bruijn:

Woud saves Bruijn's penalty #almnec


Avatar Author Football 24/7 Moment of places 19: 23-15 May 2021

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23 'It was briefly checked whether the penalty should be taken again for goalkeeper Woud leaving too early, but that appears not to be the case.

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22 'NEC misses penalty!

Jordy Bruijn sees his penalty turned by Michael Woud.

So it remains 0-0 in Almere ...

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21 'Penalty NEC!

Almere City is better, but NEC gets a penalty after very showy holding on to Tim Receveur.

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19 'A free kick from Ryan Koolwijk almost flies in, but via the fingertips of goalkeeper Branderhorst (and the intersection) it turns into a corner.

The corner then yielded nothing for Almere City.

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18 'A promising start to this game, but the last chance was a while ago.

Almere City is the parent in-house, but it is still 0-0 against NEC.

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Referee Kevin Blom shows why Verheydt's 1-0 was rejected.

So hands.

NEC captain Rens van Eijden can agree with that decision.

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10 'Almere City is dangerous again.

A shot by Daniël Breedijk flies towards the far corner, but NEC goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst has a great save with his foot in the house.

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7 'Goal Almere City rejected! 

Thomas Verheydt hits early, but just before the hit, hands are made by a player from Almere City.

Offensive hands, so the goal is canceled.

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3 'Already for a moment so early in the match.

Javier Vet heads after a cross from the right, but the NEC player's bet flies wide of the goal.

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1 'Kick-off!

The ball rolls at Almere City-NEC, the last game of this first round in the play-offs.

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Update in NEC's lineup:

One change in NEC's starting team: Tavsan not fit enough to play, Lartey Sanniez replaces him Come on, NEC!



Author N.EC Nijmegen Moment of places 18: 57 - May 15, 2021

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The players in (and from) Almere are warming up.

In a few minutes we will start the last game in this first round of the play-offs for promotion to the Eredivisie.

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The joy is of course enormous at Roda JC.

Can the Limburgers, as number eight of the regular season, promote to the Eredivisie?

𝗪𝗔𝗧 𝗘𝗘𝗡 𝗧𝗘𝗔𝗠 🥰✅ 1/3 #GRAROD #Color Confess


Avatar Author Roda JC Kerkrade Moment of places 18: 49 - May 15, 2021

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Almere City and NEC are the numbers four and seven of the regular season.

The club from Flevoland won both meetings earlier this season.

On April 2 it became 2-0 in Almere and on September 20 0-1 in Nijmegen.

The winner of this game will in any case play at home next Thursday in the semi-finals of the play-offs.

Then Roda JC awaits ...

The score:

4. Almere City 38-



7. NEC 38-



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Just back to Doetinchem ...

De Graafschap captain Ted van de Pavert: "In eight days we give away the entire season, that comes down to it. These are all blows, of course. We started the match quite well, but after the 2-2 we lost it and you see that the blow is still fresh in the memory of the team. It seemed that something broke and that is very disappointing of course, let's stay tidy. We don't have it only lost in the last week. In our field game we made too little progress. Given the number of points we were in good shape. We had to recover. In the first half we did well against Roda, but after the 2-2 it collapsed and you are left empty-handed. "

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We continue with the last game in the first round of the playoffs.

Almere City plays at home against NEC and these are the line-ups:

Almere City

: Woud;

Breedijk, Mirani, Helstrup;

Tunga, Receveur, Koolwijk, Smeets;

Yeboah, Verheydt and Alhaft.


: Branderhorst;

Van Rooij, Odenthal, Van Eijden, Barreto, El Karouani;

Vet, Tavsan, Bruijn;

Okita and Janga.

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So Roda JC.

The Limburgers play in the semi-finals of the play-offs against Almere City or NEC.

The game between those last two teams starts at 9 PM.

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Oh, De Graafschap.

The formation from Doetinchem will not be promoted to the Eredivisie this season.

That is a miracle in some way, but the 'Super farmers' give it away completely in a week.

Young Ajax, Helmond Sport and Roda JC hurt De Graafschap in a short time.

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Roda JC wins 2-3 at De Graafschap and qualifies for the semi-finals of the play-offs on the way to the Eredivisie.

Thijmen Goppel is the big man among the Limburgers by making the 2-2 and the 2-3 in a short time.

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90 + 6 'What an opportunity!

Hoekstra makes an excellent save on a bet by Van de Pavert.

There will be another corner ...

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90 + 4 'A promising attack, but the flag is raised for offside.

It seems that Roda JC is going to win here from De Graafschap, which is experiencing a horror week.

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90 + 3 'Roda JC makes two changes, causing the game to pause for a while.

De Graafschap is still chasing the 3-3 ...

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90 + 2 'De Graafschap gets a corner, but it does not give a chance.

In the counter, Goppel can almost keep on chasing the 1-3, but the ball rolls over the sidelines.

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90 'There are four more minutes at De Vijverberg.

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87 'A free kick from the left from Mohamed Hamdaoui just flies over the goal.

It is not a big chance, but De Graafschap has not yet been closer to 3-3.

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85 'Another five minutes on the clock in Doetinchem.

De Graafschap is suddenly in a hurry and is chasing 3-3, but it is just as difficult as against Helmond Sport.

There have not been any chances for the home team since the 2-3.

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And so Goppel also scores 2-3 shortly after the 2-2.

Roda JC is still leading with those figures.

Just under ten minutes left on the clock ...


⚒⚒⚒ LEADING ⚒⚒⚒ #GRAROD #ColorBeness


Avatar Author Roda JC Kerkrade Moment of places 18: 21 - 15 May 2021

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Watch Goppel's 2-2 on behalf of Roda JC against De Graafschap here:


😮 Within a few minutes, Roda JC turns it all around!

The team from Kerkrade is now 2-3 ahead thanks to two goals from Thijmen Goppel, including this wonderful goal 👏


Author ESPN NLMoment of places18: 19 - 15 May 2021

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This Thijmen Goppel is the big man at Roda JC, if it stays that way.

The Limburger turn a 2-1 deficit out of nowhere into a 2-3 lead.

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76 'GOAL Roda JC! 


There it is already 2-3 for Roda JC!

Absalem continues on the left and lays back.

Lieftink accidentally extends the ball in direction and so Goppel can take care of his second in a short time with a hard shot.

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