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My name is Lennart Klem and I will keep you informed of the play-offs for a ticket to the Eredivisie.

The confrontations in the post-competition this year are about one game instead of two.

  • 6.45 pm:

  • De Graafschap-Roda JC

  • 21.00 o'clock:

  • Almere City-NEC

  • Rash:

  • NAC-Volendam 4-1

a few seconds ago


 NAC Breda beats FC Volendam 4-1 and qualifies for the semi-finals of these play-offs for promotion to the Eredivisie.

The Brabanders will play on Thursday at 9 p.m. against the number sixteen of the Eredivisie: FC Emmen or Willem II.

a few seconds ago

90 + 2 'Volendam misses a penalty!

Olij stops Antonucci's penalty kick.

a few seconds ago

90 + 1 'Penalty Volendam!

After an foul by Anouar Kali, the ball hits the spot.

a few seconds ago

90 'There are two more minutes in Breda.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

88 'Volendam is still screaming for a penalty after an alleged handball, but referee Pol van Boekel does not want to and waves it away.

a few seconds ago

86 'GOAL NAC! 


Now it has really been decided in Breda!

NAC switches quickly and via Fiorini the ball ends with Michaël Maria.

The substitute then hits diagonally from the left side of the penalty area.

2 minutes ago

View here the 3-1 of FC Volendam visiting NAC Breda:


Trailing 3-0, Volendam seemed hopeless.

But there is still hope after this great goal from Mulatierri: 3-1! 📺 ESPN


Author ESPN NLMoment of places16: 11-15 May 2021

4 minutes ago

82 'Volendam really still believes in it and rightly so.

In the meantime, NAC is getting a bit nervous and is sloppier on the ball.

The visitors still have a good ten minutes to do something about this 3-1 position.

9 minutes ago

78 'GOAL Volendam!


Or will it still be exciting?

Volendam does something back out of nowhere and lives a bit again.

Mulattieri gets the ball on the left in the penalty area and shoots with a placed right shot into the far corner.

9 minutes ago

9 minutes ago

77 'Another fifteen minutes on the clock in Breda.

NAC will qualify for the semi-finals of the play-offs.

The opponent will then be FC Emmen or Willem II, but the Brabanders will only know that tomorrow.

The semi-final is Thursday at 9 p.m.

14 minutes ago

73 'It does not seem that Volendam is going to make a huge comeback.

The visitors still try, but create nothing at all and NAC simply remains upright.

17 minutes ago

The moment of Adiléhou's 2-0.

NAC now leads 3-0 against FC Volendam and has almost received the ticket for the semi-finals of the play-offs.

21 minutes ago

65 'GOAL NAC! 


Lewis Fiorini starts a short slalom, sees his direct opponent slip and jabs the ball with his left leg in the far corner.

26 minutes ago

60 'We played for an hour in Breda.

NAC leads comfortably with 2-0 and currently has no trouble with Volendam.

The visitors will really have to take a different tune.

26 minutes ago

31 minutes ago

It is now becoming very difficult for FC Volendam.

The visitors are not only behind 2-0, but have also hardly created anything.

34 minutes ago

52 'GOAL NAC! 


NAC doubles the margin and that happens out of the blue!

After a corner, the ball remains in the whack and Adiléhou reacts the fastest: the defender shoots the ball with the left in the far corner.

37 minutes ago

50 'Volendam will have to show itself more and also has more of the ball in the second half (for the time being).

Opportunities it does not yet yield.

NAC still leads 1-0.

42 minutes ago

46 'Kick-off! 

We play football in Breda again.

NAC leads 1-0 against Volendam, but it is certainly not yet decided.

At Volendam, Francesco Antonucci comes for El Kadiri.

42 minutes ago

The players are back on the field in Breda.

The second half is about to begin.

42 minutes ago

43 minutes ago

Later today we have two more matches scheduled in this post-competition:

6.45 pm

: De Graafschap-Roda JC

9.00 pm

: Almere City-NEC

an hour ago

It's peace! 

NAC Breda leads halfway with 1-0 against FC Volendam by a goal from Kaj de Rooij.

It is certainly not a spectacle yet, but that may still come after the break.

an hour ago

45 'There is one more minute in Breda.

an hour ago

Watch the 1-0 of NAC Breda against FC Volendam here:


The spell has been broken at #nacvol!

A wonderful hit by Kaj de Rooij🔥📺 ESPN


Author ESPN NLMoment of places15: 13-15 May 2021

an hour ago

The men of the 1-0 for NAC Breda: principal Robin Schouten and goal scorer Kaj de Rooij.

an hour ago

an hour ago

39 'Not 1-1!

What opportunities here for Volendam on the equalizer.

Samuele Mulattieri turns up free and shoots Olij.

The rebounds do not fly in either and Ibrahim El Kadiri eventually shoots in the side net.

an hour ago

34 'GOAL NAC! 


Kaj de Rooij breaks the spell in Breda with a beautiful goal!

The attacker shoots the ball out of the air at the far post in the short corner.

The measured cross from the right was from Robin Schouten.

an hour ago

32 'Volendam is getting into the game a bit better.

The visitors are more often on the ball and more often to be found at half of NAC.

We still have to wait for the first really big opportunity for the formation of trainer Wim Jonk.

an hour ago

Earlier this season, NAC won 3-0 at home against Volendam.

At the time, Mounir El Allouchi and Sydney van Hooijdonk were (twice) accurate for the formation from Breda.

an hour ago

25 'What an opportunity for NAC!

Moïse Adiléhou is completely free with a corner and can shoot the ball with a volley against the ropes from about seven meters, but his shot goes wide.

Volendam escapes there ...

an hour ago

22 'New opportunity for visitors.

Boy Deul can continue like this and wants to shoot with the left from about fifteen meters, but he is defended just in time by two players from NAC.

an hour ago

21 'We are halfway through the first half and it is still 0-0 at NAC Breda-FC Volendam.

There have not been any great opportunities yet, so the current standings are only logical.

NAC has more of the ball, but is not really able to find holes in the close-knit rearguard of the visitors.

an hour ago

14 'NAC also shoots between the posts for the first time.

Thom Haye does that from a distance, but his shot ends up on the fists of Volendam goalkeeper Nordin Bakker.

2 hours ago

NAC last played in the Eredivisie in 2019.

The team from Breda then finished eighteenth and relegated directly to the Kitchen Champion Division.

It has been a little longer for FC Volendam.

The team from North Holland finished eighteenth in 2009 and has played at the second level in the Netherlands ever since.

2 hours ago

9 'There is the first possibility of the match and it is striking enough for the visitors.

After a cross from the left, Martijn Kaars can put his foot against the ball, but NAC goalkeeper Nick Olij can easily turn the bet.

2 hours ago

8 'NAC dominates in the opening phase and has more than 75 percent possession of the ball.

Volendam can currently only limit itself to lurk on the counter, but the visitors often lose the ball again quickly.

2 hours ago

4 'No big chances in the opening phase yet.

NAC can be found more in half of Volendam and now also gets a corner, but that does not pose any danger either.

2 hours ago

1 'Kick-off! 

We are on our way in Breda!

NAC of Volendam today qualifies for the semi-finals of the play-offs for a ticket to the Eredivisie.

2 hours ago

The winner of NAC-Volendam will play against the number sixteen of the Eredivisie next Thursday at 9 p.m.

That is currently FC Emmen, but could also be Willem II (or RKC Waalwijk, although that chance is extremely minimal).

We know that on Sunday afternoon ...

2 hours ago

The players of NAC Breda and FC Volendam are warming up.

In a few minutes, the game will start in an empty Rat Verlegh Stadium.

2 hours ago

This is the arbitration this afternoon in Brabant:

⚖️ The first play-off game against FC Volendam is scheduled for Saturday.

The competition will be led by ⬇️⏱️ Pol van Boekel🚩 Nils van Kampen🚩 Kevin Bodde4️⃣ Robin Hensgens📺 Allard Lindhout🅰️📺 Erik Kleinjan #NACpraat #NACvol


Author NAC Breda 💛🖤Moment of places10: 00 - May 13, 2021

2 hours ago

NAC and Volendam are the numbers five and six of the regular season in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Both clubs won the home game in the previous matches this season.

On December 18 it became 3-0 for NAC in Breda and Volendam won 2-1 at home on March 19.

The score:

5. NAC Breda 38-



6. FC Volendam 38-



2 hours ago

Good to know

The confrontations in the post-competition this year are about one game instead of two.

The home team is the club that has finished highest in the regular competition.

So today there is a decision on all three duels in the first round.

Away goals do not count double and in case of a tie we will therefore extend.

2 hours ago


These are the 22 names that we see on the field at kick-off:

NAC Breda

: Olij;

Schouten, Adiléhou, Fiorini, De Rooij, El Allouchi, Hendriks, Van Hooijdonk, Malone, Haye and Azarkan.

FC Volendam

: Bakker;

Kasius, Tol, Van de Ven, Murkin;

Deul, Alex Plat, Ben Sallam;

Candle, Mulattieri and El Kadiri.

2 hours ago

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We will keep you informed of the matches in the post-competition here and start in Breda!

NAC is visited by FC Volendam and that game starts at 4.30 pm.

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