There are 100 days left until the opening of the Tokyo Paralympics.

Amid growing concerns about the Games being held due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Games Organizing Committee and others are being asked to carefully explain the impact on the medical system and measures to ensure safety, and to gain the understanding of the people. ..

The Tokyo Paralympics, which will start on August 24th, will be attended by a maximum of 4,400 athletes from approximately 180 countries and regions. More than 80 athletes have been nominated as representatives in Japan, and approximately 7 athletes worldwide. The quota is fixed.

Since athletes who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill with the new corona due to disabilities and underlying diseases will also participate in the Paralympics, the Organizing Committee is making preparations while confirming infection countermeasures through test competitions and other events.

However, as the infection continues to spread, medical personnel and others have pointed out concerns about the gathering of athletes from all over the world following the Olympics and the impact on the medical system during the period.

When asked what kind of form the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics should be held in the opinion poll conducted by NHK this month, 2% said that they would do the same as before, and that they would do it by limiting the number of spectators. Was 19%, "do it without an audience" was 23%, and "cancel" was 49%.

On the Internet, etc., there are a number of cases in which athletes are severely criticized for being vaccinated and continuing to compete in the face of requests for leave from various industries.

The Organizing Committee and the IPC = International Paralympic Committee are asked to show clear measures for the safety of the Games and carefully explain the impact on the medical system to gain the understanding of the people.

"I can understand the feelings of opposition" Masayuki Higuchi

Masayuki Higuchi (42), who has been unofficially decided to participate in the Paralympic Games for the third consecutive tournament in the men's 5000-meter wheelchair class, said, "I understand the opposition to the event. I will run as hard as I can. That's the only player I can do. "

Regarding the fact that vaccines will be provided to athletes participating in the Tokyo tournament, "When I first heard about it, I honestly thought that the order might be different, and that elderly people and people with illness should be given priority. It is true that he prepared the vaccine, so I would like to appeal to him to get the vaccine and make it a safe and secure tournament. "

"Beyond the efforts to regain the original society" Keiichi Kimura

Keiichi Kimura, a blind ace who has been appointed as a representative of swimming, said, "Of course, I know that there are many opinions against the event, and I also know that it is not something that I force myself to hold. However, I think that the effort to make the Tokyo tournament successful is the same as the effort to contain the virus and restore the original society, and I think that the Tokyo tournament will be held after that. " talked.

He added, "As a player, I think I have to make both training efforts and efforts to prevent the spread of infection. I really just accumulate what I have to do now."

IPC Chairman "The highest priority is the safety of Japanese people"

IPC President Parsons said of the event: "High vaccination rates and movement restrictions for event participants, pre-departure monitoring and pre-departure and immigration inspections, and almost daily inspections thereafter to prevent corona. The measures are strong enough to provide a safe tournament, "he said with confidence in the August event.

Regarding the concern that the holding of the tournament will affect the domestic medical system, "Because the top priority of the tournament is to protect the Japanese people, we will not stick to our plans and seek other measures in Japan. It doesn't hurt the medical system for people. "

"Paralympic athletes have high-risk disabilities, so vaccination should be prioritized. They should not be criticized," he said in response to criticism of providing vaccines to athletes. ..

On top of that, "If we can't provide a safe tournament to all the participants, we won't hold it, and the safety of Japanese people is our top priority. We will try to communicate better with Japanese society and go to the Tokyo tournament. We will strive to eliminate concerns and concerns. "