In the qualifier against Ukraine - 3-2 in sets - where Sweden was ready for its first European Volleyball Championship in 38 years, Isabelle Haak dominated.

The 21-year-old star accounted for 37 points in the match, the second best was the Ukrainian Nadiia Kodima at 18.

- She is important, you can not take that away from her.

It is a security for the Swedish players, and an incredible inspiration to know you have a player like Isabelle Haak in the team, says SVT Sports expert Andréa Jacobsson.

Isabelle Haak was proud of the team after securing the European Championship place.

- It is of course very nice.

It really was something we did together.

Winning a match like this and moving on in this way is really special, says Isabelle Haak to SVT Sport.

The European Volleyball Championship will be decided between 18 August and the fourth of September.

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Haak was superior when Sweden became European Championship-ready