In a match with a high tempo and tough play, a jerk came from the home team in the third period.

With his strength under the basket, it was Dartaye Ruffin who showed the way.

The center caught a return and was very strong when he went up to the basket and fixed 2 + 1 after one he also put the bonus throw he got when he was fouled in the situation.

So far, Ruffin has scored 9 of 9 free throws.

Shortly afterwards, he made a nice move when he with his defender in the back turned around and went to the basket and put 60-51.

Before the last period, Nässjö's lead was 72-61 and Norrköping never managed to recover from the jerk in the third period.

When Ruffin showed that he is also spotless from the three-point line and lowered a third, it meant 82-69 - his 28th point in the match.