In the second year of professional baseball Lotte, pitcher Roki Sasaki will make his debut in the Seibu battle at his home base on the 16th.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has the fastest speed of 163 km, will make his debut as a starting pitcher in the Seibu match at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City on the 16th.

Ball number has become a prospect is 85 balls before and after.

After practicing lightly at the stadium, pitcher Sasaki responded to the interview by saying, "I've prepared a lot at the farm and then pitched in the game. "If you can," he said about his feelings ahead of pitching.

Also, regarding playing against Seibu, who has a strong batting line, "Everyone has a strong swing, so I wish I could throw my ball so that I wouldn't lose to it. I want to fight by making full use of all the types of balls I have. "

In his second year of the season, pitcher Sasaki pitched 20 times in advance of five games in the Eastern League of the second army, with an ERA of 0.45, three walks and 19 strikeouts, and the fastest was 156. I was marking a kilo.