The final qualifying round for the Paracanoe, which was to win the Tokyo Paralympic Games, was held in Hungary on the 14th. I have been appointed as the representative of the Paralympics.

In the World Final Qualifying for Paracanoe held in Hungary, qualifying slots are given to the top countries and regions that have not won the qualifying slots for the Tokyo Paralympics. I will inform you.

The women's ver single final was held on the 14th, and Komatsu from Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture participated from Japan.

The first event to be adopted at the Tokyo Paralympics, Ver, will compete for speed of 200 meters by riding a boat with floats and paddles with webs on only one side.

Komatsu, who has a disability such as paralysis on both legs, just started the competition in earnest in March, and this is the first international competition, but he set a time of 1 minute 13 seconds 54 in the final and finished 5th. I entered and won the participation slot, and was appointed as the first Paralympic representative.

In addition, Koichi Imai, who participated in the class with the lightest disability of the men's ver single, did not win the participation slot, but finished in 5th place in the ranking match and will participate in the Paralympics in the host country frame in the future. I decided to aim.

Komatsu Advances to the final qualifying round in the world in the first race and decides to participate in Para

Saki Komatsu, a female ver single, is 26 years old from Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture.

I have been playing volleyball since I was in elementary school, and until 2018 I was also a member of the second division team of the V League.

Since 2019, I have been using a wheelchair because my legs are paralyzed.

The competition started in earnest in March, after the Tokyo tournament was postponed, and in the first race that I met in a mess, I finished second and participated in this world final qualifying. became.

I decided to participate in the Paralympic Games for the first time in just two months.