Several players in Piteå were affected by covid-19 and the team was forced to postpone the meeting with Linköping.

The club tried to move the match to June, but got no.

Instead, the match was played in Linköping yesterday and the home team won 4-3 after having the lead with 4-0.

Afterwards, Piteå's coach Stellan Carlsson was very upset.

- To force this match, linked to our situation with covidsjuke players a few weeks ago… then I assume that they will do it for all teams.

The matches must be played as early as possible, which on the women's side, where we know we have small troops, is totally horrible, Carlsson tells Aftonbladet.

- I think it's completely hell that our players are put in this situation.

That's why it looks like it does in the first, then they make a huge second half where we barely let go of anything and slowly take us back in the match.

On Sunday, Kif Örebro is waiting at home.

- What we have in front of us now is that we can go home, not train anything due to flight connections and other things - and will play the match again on Sunday.

I think it's so fucking unsportsmanlike, the whole sport's idea that there should be some sporting justice is totally dead to me, when you look at it this way, he says to Aftonbladet.

CLIP: Here the goalkeeper knocks in the free kick from half the field (May 13):

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Here the goalkeeper thumps into the free kick - from half the field.

Photo: Aftonbladet