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Good day and welcome to this live blog!

My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you informed of the developments in the seventh stage of the Giro d'Italia.

  • Giro d'Italia

  • Seventh stage (181 km)

  • Chance of a mass print

  • Expected arrival time: 5.10 pm

  • View the time differences here

3 minutes ago

Another 67 km -

Pellaud, Marengo and Christian are able to extend their lead to 2.35.

In response, Thomas de Gendt takes the initiative at the head of the peloton.

10 minutes ago

A good question from the Twitter account of the Giro d'Italia, for which we have plenty of time to think about an answer.

❓ When did you fall in love with cycling? ❓ Quando vi siete innamorati, o innamorate, del ciclismo?



Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 14:01 - 14 May 2021

21 minutes ago

78 km to go -

In about twenty kilometers there is another intermediate sprint on the program, but otherwise little is happening at the moment.

The difference between the three escapees and the peloton?


23 minutes ago

Until now, this Tour of Italy has only had different winners.

Will that end today?

  • Number of winners after six stages:

  • 2021: 6

  • 2020: 4

  • 2019: 5

  • 2018: 5

  • 2017: 5

35 minutes ago

Another three names from the leading group: Simon Pellaud, Umberto Marengo and Mark Christian.

💗 Giro d'Italia 2021 - Stage 7⃣☀️ Chieti - km 62🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ @ PellaudSimon, @umbertomarengo, @ MarkChristian8 3'43 "> Peloton | Gruppo💻Live: https://t.co/ TlBPO3lAsS🏁 119 km #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 12: 49 - May 14, 2021

35 minutes ago

36 minutes ago

Another 87 km -

Due to the acceleration in the peloton, the difference with the three refugees has narrowed to less than a minute.

Everything really indicates that we have to wait until the last kilometers for the spectacle.

39 minutes ago

Another 88 km -

Nizzolo has missed the boat and so Peter Sagan has the space to take five points.

He therefore comes to a total of 55, while Nizzolo is on 72 points.

Marengo also won the sprint in the leading group.

  • Intermediate sprint results:

  • 1. Umberto Marengo (12 points)

  • 2. Simon Pellaud (8)

  • 3. Mark Christian (6)

  • 4. Peter Sagan (5)

  • 5. Filippo Fiorelli (4)

43 minutes ago

Another 96 km -

We are halfway there and the pace is slightly increasing in the peloton.

We are also approaching an intermediate sprint in a few kilometers, which Giacomo Nizzolo - the current leader of the points classification - is undoubtedly interested in.

an hour ago

Rosette wearer Valter: 'Barely able to sleep'

22-year-old Attila Valter unexpectedly drove to the pink yesterday, but it is still difficult for him to realize it himself.

"It was one of the longest nights of my life. So much happened and I got all kinds of messages all the time," he recalled before the ride.

"Today I hope to be able to find the balance between racing and enjoying", he continued.

We suspect that the Hungarian has found that balance, because he has little to worry about for the time being.

an hour ago

Another 99 km -

 Antoine Duchesne rides at the head of the peloton on behalf of Groupama-FDJ and he receives a salary for work.

The gap to the front runners is reduced to 2.45.

Duchesne is also the twelfth Canadian in the history of the Giro d'Italia.

an hour ago

an hour ago

Another 103 km -

After two hours on the bike, the average speed drops further.

The counter shows 36.7 kilometers per hour, so we have to wait for the fireworks in the sprint.

an hour ago

One day in pink was already special for Attila Valter, but it looks like he will also be able to wear the leader's jersey tomorrow.

an hour ago

Another 110 km -

For the time being, the peloton does not yet see the need to start, so the lead of Pellaud, Marengo and Christian remains about 3.40.

an hour ago

Another 119 km -

Simon Pellaud is most hungry for the climb in Chieti and takes the full boot with three points.

By the way, these are normally not the points that will make the difference, because there are still enough mountain points to be achieved in the coming weeks.

2 hours ago

The three from the early flight in pictures.

🚉 "Il treno è semper il treno."

(cit.) #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 12: 22-14 May 2021

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

122 km to go -

The three front runners start one of the few climbs of the day.

It's a short climb in Chieti, where today's first and only mountain points can be earned.

2 hours ago

Groenewegen: 'Just give it a try'

We have already heard contenders Caleb Ewan and Tim Merlier, but Dylan Groenewegen also smells his chance.

"We're just going to try it", he says soberly before the start.

Groenewegen was in a good position during the first sprinter stage, but was unable to finish it then.

The second time he was too far back.

"We learned lessons from the previous stages and therefore adjusted the planning slightly. We will see what that brings us", he said before the camera of

Het Laatste Nieuws

before the start of the stage


2 hours ago

136 km to go -

Today is a typical day off for the classification men.

They enjoy the sunny weather and hardly need to worry.

2 hours ago

148 km to go

- The lead of Simon Pellaud, Umberto Marengo and Mark Christian has now been stuck at around 3.40 minutes.

2 hours ago

Merlier also optimistic: 'Won more often with similar finishes'

In addition to Caleb Ewan, Tim Merlier also hopes to


a second stage today.

The Belgian was also the fastest on the second day of this 104th edition of the Tour of Italy.

"I have lived with similar finishes before and I think this suits me", he refers to victories in Switzerland.

Whether he also expects a conflict with Ewan?

"I am happy to be on the list of contenders", he responds modestly in front of


's camera


2 hours ago

3 hours ago

Ewan hopes for a new stage victory: 'Finish is good for me'

Caleb Ewan was already the fastest in the sprint in the fifth stage and he can still smell his chances today.

"It is a very technical finish, with the small hill just before the end. I think this suits me well," he said about the last kilometers before the start.

At 1,800 meters from the finish, the riders reach a cunning 12 percent gradient and then a few right-angled bends and a road narrowing complete the final.

3 hours ago

155 km to go -

The sprinter teams (Groupama-FDJ, Lotto-Soundal and Qhubeka ASSOS) already think it is a beautiful region and are going to take the lead.

As a result, the lead of the three leaders immediately starts to diminish slightly.

3 hours ago

163 km to go -

The difference between the three leaders and the peloton increases in the east of Italy to just over five minutes.

It is also great to stay on the bike, because after a number of soaking wet days the sun is shining today.

3 hours ago

The men in the peloton think it's enough for the time being.

The difference has now been almost four minutes.

Grazie Notaresco 💗 #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 11:09 - 14 May 2021

3 hours ago

Another 176 km -

The three front runners do not pose a threat to Valter's pink jersey.

Mark Christian is the best classified of the three and is almost 47 minutes behind the Hungarian in 107th place.

3 hours ago

3 hours ago

Another 179 km -

The leading group of the day seems to have already been formed.

The trio quickly builds up a lead of half a minute.

3 hours ago

Official start!

Immediately after the starting signal, three riders go on an adventure.

These are Simon Pellaud, Umberto Marengo and Mark Christian.

3 hours ago

Attila Valter is the first Hungarian ever to wear pink, so he has pulled out all the attributes in that color.

Maglia Rosa @ EnelGroupIT💗 @ValterAttila 💗 #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 10:49 - 14 May 2021

3 hours ago

Unofficial start!

The riders are on their bikes, but they are still about 5.5 kilometers in the neutral zone.

4 hours ago

We also have the seventh task to report before the start of the seventh stage.

Domenico Pozzovivo (Qhubeka ASSOS) has to retire after a double crash yesterday.

4 hours ago

The riders are currently signing starting place Notaresco.

✍️ Signature check |

✍️ Foglio firm #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 10: 15-14 May 2021

4 hours ago

From Notaresco to Termoli, an overview of the route of stage seven.

4 hours ago

After a week of racing, the highest ranked Dutchman in the person of Koen Bouwman is in 33rd place.

With Remco Evenepoel, the southern neighbors have significantly more chance of a possible pink jersey, because the Belgian follows 11 seconds behind Attila Valter.

An overview of the current top ten:

  • Attila Valter

  • Remco Evenepoel


  • Egan Bernal


  • Aleksandr Vlasov


  • Louis Vervaeke


  • Hugh Carthy


  • Damiano Caruso


  • Giulio Ciccone


  • Daniel Martin


  • Simon Yates


  • 4 hours ago

    Preview Giro stage 7: Groenewegen hopes to sprint in difficult final

    4 hours ago

    What kind of ride awaits Valter and his 220 colleagues?

    In all probability a sprinter stage, but we still have to keep an eye out for that.

    At about 1,800 meters from the finish, the riders reach a difficult slope of 12 percent and the road surface continues to slope slightly until the finish.

    A few right-angled bends and a narrowing of the road complete the final.

    4 hours ago

    Yesterday it was not Egan Bernal or Remco Evenepoel but the 22-year-old Attila Valter who quite unexpectedly took off with the pink jersey.

    Today he is the first Hungarian ever to start in the leader's jersey of a stage of the Tour of Italy.

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