Samsung, the sole leader in professional baseball, is not unusual. In particular, the pitching power is amazing, and despite playing the home stadium called'Pitcher Hell', he is running at the top of the team's average ERA.

This is reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Samsung Lions Park is the most'type-friendly' stadium in the KBO League.

The distance to the left and right middle of the fence is the shortest in Korea, so even a floating ball caught in other stadiums is a home run.

According to'Park Factor', which shows the characteristics of the field by comparing the pitcher's and batter's home-away records, it is the most advantageous stadium to draw home runs and scores.

They score 1.5 times more goals and 2.7 times more home runs than Jamsil Stadium, which is the most pitch-friendly.

While using such a stadium as a home, Samsung is building the strongest mound, which ranks first in the team's average ERA.

Won Tae-in emerged as the best ace in the country by running at the top of the average ERA with improved strikeouts and ground ball induction ability. This is the result of a stronger bullpen including foreign one-two punches as well as Woo Gyu-min, who was sluggish last year.

[Won Tae-in/Samsung pitcher (30th of last month): I got a lot of help from Buchanan, so I keep exercising so I can keep good restraints and jerseys in every game.]

Here, long hitters such as Pirella and Koo Jawook exploded, and a whopping 72% Are recording home odds.

Samsung, which is running the lead in one game by maximizing the advantage of the home stadium called'Pitcher Hell', will be playing three straight away games against the tied third place KT starting today (11th).