Khorfakkan hosts the restitution and coronation

Al-Jazeera ... the key to the title is in his hand

Al Jazeera looks forward to winning the League Shield today.

Photography: Eric Arazas

Al-Jazeera faces a historic confrontation when it meets Khorfakkan in the 26th round of the Arabian Gulf League at 10:00 at night at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, as "Abu Dhabi's pride" seeks to rely on himself by winning over "Al Nisour", to ensure the title of the league for the third time in Its history.

Al-Jazira tops the ranking list with 54 points ahead of Baniyas II and his score of 53 points. It is enough for "Abu Dhabi's pride" to win any result to achieve the title, regardless of the outcome of the Bani Yas match with Al-Wehda, who plays at the same time.

Al-Jazirah is one of the clubs that have presented more impressive levels over the course of the season’s matches, while the team bid farewell to the President’s Cup and the Arabian Gulf Cup, and did not participate in the AFC Champions League, to become its focus on the league.

Al-Jazeera also seeks to "return the debt" to Khorfakkan, who achieved a surprise in the first leg of the East Coast match, when he won three goals without a response.

On the other hand, Khor Fakkan is running the game with calm nerves, after he secured his stay after defeating Al Wasl in the 24th round, and he hopes to attract attention to his technical capabilities, which is what Bani Yas hopes.

For his part, the coach of the island, Dutch Marcel Kaiser, said: "We do not think about the celebrations of winning the Shield, and focus only on the Khorfakkan match and how to win it, especially since it is the only way to celebrate the title."

He added in a press conference: "The players know very well the importance of the match, and it is the only remaining step for the coronation, and it is certain that the players who have great experience will help the youth in this situation."

He pointed out that Khorfakkan is a very good team, and said: "The opponent offers excellent football, and the evidence is that he won us in the first round, so we must be careful and fight for the three points."

Kaiser explained that there are no absences in the ranks of the island, but stressed that fatigue due to playing two games in six days, may be a factor behind the absence of some players due to exhaustion, indicating that the recent training will determine the position of all players.

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