Urgent .. Hand Union crowns Al-Ahly youth with the Emirates Cup, in implementation of the decision of "Sports Arbitration"

The Secretary General of the Handball Federation, Nasser Al Hammadi, revealed that the Game Federation has implemented all the provisions of the decision of the Sports Arbitration Center, related to the dispute No. (112) for the year 2021, which determines the victory of Al-Ahly Youth over Al-Ain, and the consequences thereof, with the victory of "Dubai Knights." “The Emirates Cup for the current season 2020-2021, and the title being withdrawn from Sharjah.

Al-Hammadi told Emirates Today: “The Hand Union, based on its meeting today, has really and securely committed to the decision of the Emirates Center for Sports Arbitration, related to the issue of the dispute before the Extraordinary Chamber of the Emirates Center for Sports Arbitration, submitted by the Al-Ahly Youth Club last January, against the decision of the Football Association Hand considers the "Knights Hand" losers for their meeting in front of Al Ain with a score of "10 - zero" based on the violation of the registration regulations in the match that brought together the two teams on January 18, 2021, which ended with Shabab Al-Ahly's victory over Al Ain "22-29".

He explained: "Based on what was arranged by the arbitration center’s decision, and considering Al-Ahly youth a winner over Al Ain in the opening of the final league of the Emirates Cup competition, which was followed on the final day of the tournament with the victory of Al-Ahly Youth over Sharjah" 25-24 ", the Game Federation confirms its implementation for all The provisions of the judgment issued in the case of Dispute No. (112) for the year 2021, considering Shabab Al-Ahly a winner in its two matches in the final round, and thus declaring him a champion of the competition with six points, Sharjah and a runner-up with four points, and Al-Ain third with two points.

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