Twelve new athletes have been appointed to represent Japan at the Tokyo Paralympics this summer, and Sae Tsuji (26), a bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Games, and Momoka Muraoka, a gold medalist at the Pyonchan Games in winter, are challenging athletics. The representative of the player (24) has been decided.

The Japan Para-Athletics Federation and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities have newly designated 12 athletes who meet the conditions set by international sports organizations, such as being within 6th place in the world ranking on the 1st of last month, as representatives of the Tokyo Paralympics. Announced that it was unofficially decided.

Among them, the girls

won five medals including gold at


▽ Rio de Janeiro Games 400m bronze medalist Tsuji, who has a disability in their arms, and the

▽ Winter Pyeongchang Games, Alpine skiing, and entered the 100m wheelchair class.

Six people

, including Muraoka, who is taking on the challenge, have been

unofficially decided.

Six boys have been unofficially decided, and five of them will participate in the Paralympics for the first time. ▽ Marathon, Tsutomu Nagata (37), who is second in the world ranking in the class with disabilities, and

▽ 1500 meters intellectual disability class There are many

talented people

such as Daiki Akai (22),

who is

ranked 4th in the world ranking


In Para-athletics, 16 people have been unofficially decided at the adult world championship, and the total number of unofficially decided players is 28.

The next representative selection will be based on the results of international competitions from next month onwards.

Also, in the marathon visually impaired class, Japan has newly won one male and one female entry slot, and Yutaka Kumagai (34) and Mihoko Nishijima (66), who ranked high in the domestic selection, will be represented. It became rich.