- We will strive to mimic the conditions and track profile from the original race in 1922 as far as is practically possible.

The start will take place in Sälen by Olnispagården, on the west side of Västerdalälven, and there will only be three controls where we serve milk, broth, eggs and bread cakes on the way to the finish in Mora, says project manager Mats Rylander in a press release.

The surface should be reminiscent of what it was like in 1922. For example, some stretches should be ridden by horse and sleigh and others consist of packed snow on a forest road or path.

A jury selects 139 of the entrants who are given the opportunity to participate.

There are as many who were registered for the first Vasaloppet when 119 came to the start and 117 finished.

The very first winner Ernst Alm had a victory time of 7.32.49.

CLIP: Lina Korsgren wins the Vasaloppet - first lady in four hours (March 7, 2021)

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Lina Korsgren cheers after the victory in the Vasaloppet.

Photo: Bildbyrån