Växjö won the first two Swedish Championship final matches before Rögle reduced.

The fourth match was also an even story that Växjö won only after extra time.

Thus, the gold can end up in Småland in the event of victory tonight.

SVT Sports expert Jonas Andersson believes that Rögle has a good chance of keeping the final series alive.

- They need to play at their top level for a long time and not give Växjö the opportunity to change the match picture.

If they can get up and put the high pressure on Växjö's slopes and manage to shield the ice and close their game, then they have enough skilled players to win this match tonight, Andersson says and continues:

- I also think they can play a little more relaxed now and release the brakes.

If you do that and play hockey with your high forecheck, you have a good chance of winning.

"Have a winning mentality"

In the long run, however, Andersson feels that Växjö is too heavy.

- It is only to be hoped for Rögle's part that it does not go to overtime where Växjö has won five out of five in this playoff.

That says a lot about Växjö who have found a way to win matches in this playoffs.

Växjö has a winning mentality in the team and a difficult task for Rögle.

The problem is that it is not just a match that needs to be won but there are two and I think that can be tough.

"Entertaining ice hockey"

Andersson is impressed by the final team and believes that there are two teams that deserve to settle for the gold.

- Seen over the whole season, the two best teams now meet and I think Rögle plays a very entertaining ice hockey.

In their best moments, they have a higher peak than Växjö has.

But it does not matter as you will win the matches as well.

Match five in the final series will be played on Monday night with the first drop at 20.00.

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Växjö is a victory from the Swedish Championship gold.

Photo: Bildbyrån.