Morale still weighed down by the absence of the public and a little heavier arm after his vaccine, Benoît Paire cracked again Monday in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Rome, where he was eliminated by the Italian Stefano Travaglia (6 -4, 6-3).

“I got vaccinated two days ago.

I had asked to play as late as possible, and they put me today (Monday) at 10 am… I couldn't even train, ”regretted the Frenchman at a press conference.

The Frenchman, who has been dragging his spleen for months, is completely out of the match at the start of the second set, after having contested a ball from his opponent considered good but that he believed to be fault.

After having photographed the mark of this famous ball with his phone, he entered into discussions with the referee and the Italian's clan.

And balanced the end of his match by multiplying unforced errors in the greatest nonchalance.

"I will pay the fine"

Before leaving the court, Paire still spent a long time taking new photos of the brand, having previously asked if he was facing a penalty.

The positive response did not deter him.

"I will pay the fine," he said before being told he had violated the rules for this "unsportsmanlike conduct".

While the presence of the public in Madrid had revived it a little, the return of the closed door in Italy made it plunge again.

“There isn't a fan, when you know the atmosphere there can be in Rome, to see the courts like that is a bit hard.

Whether you make a direct fault, a double fault or a winning stroke, it's the same, I really feel like I'm playing a practice, ”he observed.

Not too many consequences in the standings

With this new defeat at the start, Paire has a record of two wins for twelve losses this year.

Not a drama, with the system put in place by ATP during the pandemic.

"I am still very well classified after having won two games in two years," said the Frenchman.

I don't take my head too much with tennis anymore.

Everyone can see that it's complicated for me on the court.

I enjoy.


The Avignon resident, however, promised to try to prepare as well as possible for Roland-Garros, where there will be a few spectators in the stands.

" I will train myself.

I'm trying to find a trainer, to find help on the physical level.

I'm not saying I'm giving up.

I'm not giving up, he assured.

I'll try to find some fun again, even with some friends of mine, and try to be ready.



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