Regarding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, a group centered on students conducted an awareness survey of young people in Japan, and as a result, issues such as infection control of the new Corona and transparency of decision-making by the Organizing Committee were issues when holding the Games. On the 10th, a member of the group recommended to Chairman Hashimoto of the Games Organizing Committee that information dissemination to young people should be strengthened.

The proposal was made by a group of NPOs and Keio University students made up of students studying international issues. On the 10th, group members met with Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee in Tokyo.

According to a survey conducted by this group from late March to early last month through SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, 345 people aged 14 to 39 responded.

Among them, about 20% of the respondents said "I want you to hold the event", about 23% said "I want you to postpone it again", and about 46% said "I want you to cancel it". That is, about 70% of the respondents were negative about holding this event.

On the other hand, when asked in multiple answers about the issues that should be addressed when holding the Games, "Countermeasures against infection of the new corona" was the most common, followed by "Tightening of the domestic medical system", etc. There was also an opinion that "transparency of decision making of the Organizing Committee".

Based on these survey results, the group suggested that SNS should be strengthened to disseminate information to young people regarding infection control and medical systems, saying that information dissemination to young people has been insufficient.

Mr. Soichiro Chiba of the group said, "I think it is meaningful to convey to the Organizing Committee a new perspective that young people think. I hope it will help bridge the gap between the public's awareness of issues and what they are saying about the Olympics." I was talking.