In the second year of professional baseball Lotte, pitcher Roki Sasaki is expected to make his debut in the first army in three consecutive battles with Seibu, which will be held from 14th this month.

Pitcher Sasaki hit 6 times in the Eastern League Rakuten match of the 2nd army on the 8th of this month, scored 5 hits, 1 run and 6 strikeouts, and the fastest was 156 km.

In response to this pitching, coach Tadahito Iguchi has announced that he will start in three consecutive games with Seibu, which will be held at the ZOZO Marine Stadium, which is his home base, from the 14th of this month.

Coach Iguchi has not disclosed the pitching date, but he said, "I am able to speed up and control it. I want the 1st army to come up as a force, so I want you to make a debut match." I did.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has the fastest speed of 163 kg, did not pitch in both the 1st and 2nd teams last season in the first year, but this season he has continued to pitch well with an ERA of 0 points ahead of 5 games in the Eastern League. I did.