Juventus Turin, one of the last three clubs to defend the Super League project, will not be able to participate in the next Italian league if it remains involved in this competing Champions League project, the president of the League confirmed on Monday. Italian Federation.

“If Juventus don't play by the rules, they will be out for us too.

At the time of registration for the next Serie A championship, she would be excluded if she did not withdraw from the Super League, ”said Gabriele Gravina according to comments reported by several Italian media, on the occasion of a travel to Campania.

At the end of April, in reaction to the attempt to create a Super League by twelve European clubs, including three Italians, the Federation had adopted a new rule allowing to exclude from the championships the teams which would engage in a private competition. Since then, Inter Milan and AC Milan - like seven other clubs - have distanced themselves from the project and reached a deal with UEFA, providing for financial penalties.

Juventus, like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​on the other hand defended again this weekend the merits of the project, denouncing the “threats” of UEFA and showing themselves ready for a legal battle.

In an intervention on Rai Uno radio on Monday morning, the president of the Italian Federation also said he was ready to act as a "mediator" in this conflict because this "showdown between the clubs and UEFA does not good for Italian football and Juventus ”.

"I wish a positive solution to this fight", he underlined.


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