Japan national rugby union has decided to play a test match with Ireland, the world's fourth-ranked powerhouse, in July this year.

This was announced by the Japan Rugby Union on the 10th.

According to it, Japan, which is ranked 10th in the world ranking, will play a test match with Ireland, which is the 4th strongest in the world, on July 3rd.

The venue will be Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

Japan played against Ireland in the first league of the Rugby World Cup, and won their first victory 19-12, but their total match record is 1-9, which is a big loss.

Japan will play a test match with the British & Irish Lions, a coalition team from England and Ireland, for the first time in about a year on the 26th of next month, and will move to Ireland after the match.

Yuichiro Fujii, the national team director of the Japanese national team, commented, "I think Ireland will prepare with considerable preparedness to revenge in Japan. Japan wants to become a stronger team and take on the challenge." ..