There are difficult months behind Marc Blume, 47, and his family.

The former athlete has been worried for the life of his little daughter Feelia since summer 2020.

The five-year-old suffers from leukemia - blood cancer.

When the German bone marrow donation (DKMS) could not find a suitable donor, Blume dared to go public and asked for help.

In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, the deeply concerned father said: “With luck there will be five to seven hits.

Then you have to see whether they can actually donate. "

Blume fought back tears when he told of his daughter's first symptoms: “She is a whirlwind, no tree is too tall for her, she always had bruises somewhere.

But suddenly her legs were covered with it.

If it bumped, the spot immediately turned blue.

We only put it on cycling when she hits the pedals, for example. ”The pediatrician immediately referred Feelia to the children's clinic in Bethel.

A period of uncertainty began for the family.

Bone marrow donor found


A week ago, the Blume family finally received the redeeming call from the clinic: “We have found someone.” It was the most beautiful moment since Feelia was born, Blume now confesses and describes the decisive moments: “I just came in through the door from taking out the garbage . My wife already had the receiver in her hand and was putting it on the loudspeaker. The doctor said she had good news. At that moment, tears came to our eyes. "

Daughter Feelia was also in the room when the doctor called.

She knows she is seriously ill.

Her parents had carefully taught her after the diagnosis.

All the dark thoughts - suddenly as if vanished.

“Feelia jumped around and shouted, 'Hurray, I'll get well again,'” says Blume.

The whole effort was finally worth it.

Many tests will follow, and Feelia will have to endure chemotherapy.

But hope gives the family strength for the coming weeks.

Feelia fights bravely against blood cancer

Source: instagram.com/fee_dkms

The mission starts on May 19 with the first preliminary talk in the clinic.

Then a computed tomography of Feelia's head is done;

the lungs are also x-rayed.

The young patient must be fit for the most important procedure of her young life.

Donor known only after two years


Her parents want to take her fear away with a book, reveals Blume: “A writer sent it to us.

It's about a sheep that doesn't have a real coat. ”This is how mom and dad explain to their daughter that she will lose her long, blonde hair in the course of chemotherapy.

Nevertheless, the mood at the Blume home has turned 180 degrees over the past week.

“If we go to the infusion now, it's a lot easier to do.

You know that things will get better in the foreseeable future, ”emphasizes the former 100-meter runner.

Thanks to the call for typing, a suitable donor was found

Source: instagram.com/fee_dkms

The flowers do not yet know who the donor is.

Contact will only be established after two years if requested.

The family has already made the decision: “We definitely want to get to know the donor.

He or she is a hero to us.

This person has been part of our family for a week.

He doesn't even know what he's done for us. "

Feelia's main goal, which she is working towards, is back to school in summer.

“A lot of teachers who offered homeschooling got in touch.

Feelia's rector also opened up all possibilities for us when it wasn't possible to go to school properly, ”says Blume, relieved.

The main thing is that his daughter can start school.

"This is her dream, and we don't want to take it away from her."

Fundraiser for Feelia


Blume's brother Holger, who was once also a sprinter, had a very special idea: He is currently having a running shoe shipped through Germany.

Prominent athletes, whether active or former, sign on this.

Robert Harting and Frank Busemann have already immortalized themselves.

If the shoe is full, it will be auctioned for Feelia.

Because the costs that the family has to face are high.

Can't wait to go to school: Blume's daughter Feelia

Source: instagram.com/fee_dkms

What Marc Blume is also very pleased: The family friends of ex-Bundesliga professional Stefan Emmerling, 55, had themselves tested for Feelia.

"Two days later I got a call from the clinic: A family member could be a donor for another sick person," he says.

"Just great."