Eslöv looked to equalize the series after two straight victories by Nandor Ecseki and Truls Möregårdh.

But then Elias Ranefur stepped into the action.

He first beat Robert Svensson 3-1 in sets, before teammate Simon Arvidsson equalized to 2-2 in matches after 3-0 in sets against Ecseki.

Then Ranefur also put the national team star Möregårdh in place.

The Halmstad player lost the first set but turned to victory, 3-1 in sets, and 3-2 in matches.

Fabian Åkerström then punctured the meeting through 3-0 in a set against Robert Svensson.

The final series is also played in the best of three matches with the first meeting on 18 May.