The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay will be held on the 10th and the second day in Saga Prefecture.

The Tokyo Olympic torch relay is being held in Saga Prefecture, and over 170 runners will run in all 20 cities and towns in the prefecture over the two days of the 9th and 10th.

On the 10th of the second day, we started from Kiyama Town and visited Yoshinogari Historical Park in Yoshinogari Town, where the remains of a large-scale ring village in the Yayoi period remain. Arrive at the square.

Of these, Yohei Toyoda, a former Japan national team who is a forward for soccer J1 and Sagan Tosu, will be the runner in Tosu City, and Tokuhito Yoshioka, a local native who was in charge of torch design, will be the runner in Saga City.

In addition, some of the related events have been canceled due to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus.

The Games Organizing Committee and Saga Prefecture are calling for support through live broadcasts delivered on the Internet as much as possible, and to avoid crowds and support by applause even along the road.