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Nobody saw it as clear as Mercedes, nor did it as easy as

Lewis Hamilton

. The power of the strategy in Montmeló was as decisive as the hands of the seven-time champion, capable of navigating like no other on those medium tires until he took

Max Verstappen

, who had to console himself with the podium, alongside

Valtteri Bottas

. The Briton's fifth consecutive victory at this circuit, where

Carlos Sainz was

unable to progress beyond seventh position. Much worse was the afternoon for

Fernando Alonso

, third to last at the finish line.

The last relay with the Yellow P Zero, which he had ridden with 24 laps to go, was the key to Hamilton's success and the grave for Red Bull, without resources before the devastating



of the W12. The final overtaking at Turn 1, with five laps to go, is another blow of authority from Mercedes, which has not only equaled the level of its only adversary, but is already ahead in terms of race pace and race management. rubbers. Too bad someone as special as

Mad Max

doesn't get a reward commensurate with his wonderful talent.

Who would have dared what he did on the way out?

With such a mixture of determination and sweetness, no one.

But Verstappen pulled it off in a fantastic start, finding the gap at Turn 1. Hamilton shouldn't even have seen it coming, because how can one imagine Verstappen sneaking through that interior?

Toto Wolff

would be upset enough

to also have to endure Bottas's umpteenth slip.

On the way to turn 4, the Finn was passed over the stone by

Charles Leclerc

with unprecedented ease.

A kilometer hadn't been covered yet and the race was really turning for Mercedes.

4.7 seconds behind Red Bull

As usual, at the start, almost all the good and the bad of Sunday took place in Montmeló. Aloso released the clutch agile, looking almost impossible against

Sergio Pérez

and the two McLaren. The illusion lasted for the Spaniard almost the same as Sainz, overtaken by

Daniel Ricciardo

and the second Red Bull. From eighth place, fed up with

Esteban Ocon's

rear wing

, Sainz suffered that bitter frustration of those who want to and cannot in Barcelona.

Everything here always breaks down under the same pattern and not even the breakdown on the eighth lap of

Yuki Tsunoda

, which triggered the only

safety car

of the afternoon, would change the picture. The only one who was encouraged to do something different was Williams, with a double stop. Ahead no one wanted to get out of the lane. So much pressure was evident among the favorites that even Red Bull screwed up with Verstappen, who would be too late for the left rear wheel. That lousy



opened the lead to Hamilton, but Mercedes, with another strategy up its sleeve, did not enter through the rim.

In the calculations of the engineers, once again, lay the secret of victory.

Also on the podium, of course, because Bottas was winning over Leclerc thanks to a surgical



Wolff, burning with pride, had no qualms about complaining on the radio to

Michael Masi

, the race director, since

Nikita Mazepin

had not respected the blue flags when it came to bending.

Ferrari's double plan

"We're going to plan C," they explained to Sainz on the radio.

What would that mean, if Leclerc went with the B?

Hard to figure out, because the plan ended up being extended to two stops.

The Madrilenian, with too much, could only remove his bitterness with two maneuvers at the end of the straight, against Lando Norris and Ocon.

The seventh place, sandwiched between the McLaren, does not have much flavor.

Neither sweet nor bitter.

It was even more complicated for Alonso.

After his nostalgic




Sebastian Vettel


Kimi Raikkonen

, the two-time champion sailed through territory close to inconsequential.

Before reaching the equator, he had already declared a little mechanical problem.

Without too much importance.

Or at least, not as much as Alpine's idea of ​​holding the yellow tires to the checkered flag.

Nothing less than 45 laps.

Too much for Fernando, who kept enough pride to block

Lance Stroll's



In his wake a large platoon would form and one by one they passed him.

The penultimate place at the finish line, just ahead of the Haas, does not require further comment.

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