Chinanews client, May 10th. For Hamilton in the racetrack, this past weekend was perfect.

The absolute superstar of F1 not only got his 100th pole position in his career, but also won another race championship in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Image source: F1 official Weibo

  In qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton, who once again set his own record, achieved another milestone in his career-one hundred pole positions.

From the first pole position to the 100th, Hamilton has achieved this unprecedented achievement in 14 years, and 30 tracks have witnessed the birth of the milestone.

  In the main race held on the 10th local time, Hamilton, who was once behind, surpassed Verstappen with his wonderful pit stop tactics, and won the third championship of the season. At the same time, he reached the top two consecutive stations, and the number of individual championships It rose to 98.

  Hamilton replicated the plot of the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix, regaining the lead with the last 6 laps left through the two-stop tactic, and finally finished the first race.

  After the race, Hamilton said, "I want to thank all the fans who came to the scene. I am very happy to meet them. It feels great. Our hard work has yielded results. The team has adopted a very good strategy. A perfect day!" Finish)