Every morning, Anicet Mbida gives us the very best in terms of innovation.

This Monday, he talks about the invention of Chinese engineers who have developed a fabric with a heating side and a cooling side.

He believes that this is a first towards the miracle garment capable of automatically adapting to the ambient temperature.

The innovation of the day comes at the right time with the temperature differences that we are currently experiencing.

It's a reversible fabric that warms on one side and cools down on the other.

"If it's hot like last weekend, we put it on the cooling side. The fabric will reflect the heat of the sun and dissipate the body temperature. Which avoids sweating in particular. Later in the week, like mercury should fall, no need to change clothes. We turn it over. And the fabric will warm us by absorbing the radiations of the sun, and preventing the body heat from escaping. All this with the same garment, which works in the both directions. 

How effective is it?

Does it heat up a little, a lot, moderately?

According to the tests, it would be able to warm us by 8 degrees more than the same cotton garment.

And, conversely, to cool us 6 degrees cooler than flax.

So it looks pretty effective.

Once again, we are talking about a simple technical fabric.

It is an invention of engineers at Zhejiang University in China.

If it is a technical fabric, it may be expensive ...

Apparently not, since it would be very easy to manufacture.

It would suffice to add nanoparticles of zinc and copper.

There is just one concern.

For it to be effective, the fabric must be close to the body.

This means, that we should rather see it on underwear or small reversible jackets.

It is therefore his T-shirt or his undershirt that you will have to return if you start to feel hot or cold.

It will not always be practical, it will be necessary to find a place to change. But it is a small step closer to the miracle garment, able to adapt itself to the ambient temperature. "