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  • LIVE:

  • Feyenoord-Ajax 


  • PEC Zwolle-ADO 


  • 4.45 pm:

  • Willem II-PSV

  • Rash:

  • Emmen-Groningen 0-4

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

46 'We're playing football in De Kuip again!

 Ajax, which has to continue with ten men and defends a 0-1 lead, changes twice: Mohammed Kudus and Perr Schuurs come into the field for Sébastien Haller and Noussair Mazraoui.

No changes at Feyenoord.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

46 'The ball rolls again in Zwolle! 

ADO leads 0-1, but PEC will not accept this position.

in 3 days

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

1 - Maarten Stekelenburg saved his first penalty in the Eredivisie since 11 Nov 2007, also for @AFCAjax against Feyenoord (Theo Lucius).



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Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

For example, Edson Álvarez saw Feyenoord's penalty.

In any case, we will not see the Mexican, who got red, again after the break.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

Fer is disappointed by his missed penalty, while the Ajax players can cheer in De Kuip for the second time today.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

It's peace! 

The players are also having a cup of tea in Zwolle.

ADO leads halfway with 0-1 and in this way does excellent business in the fight against relegation.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

It's peace!

 Ajax leads halfway with 0-1 through Senesi's own goal.

The team from Amsterdam has to continue with ten men through a red card (twice yellow) for Álvarez.

Fer missed a penalty on behalf of Feyenoord and with that an enormous chance for the 1-1.

in 3 days

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

45 + 2 'Feyenoord misses a penalty!

Maarten Stekelenburg is the boss of Leroy Fer and stops the penalty!

Ajax therefore retains this 0-1 lead, but has to continue with ten men.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

45 + 1 'Red Ajax! 

Álvarez gets yellow again and can leave the field with red.

The Mexican takes two yellow cards in one minute and Feyenoord can take a penalty.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

45 'Penalty Feyenoord!

After a free kick and a scrimmage, the ball hit Álvarez's arm, giving Feyenoord a penalty.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

44 'Now Edson Álvarez gets yellow for a foul on Luis Sinisterra.

Both gentlemen thought the ball would roll out, but that turned out not to be the case.

Here too the sharpness is really lacking.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

43 'Ajax plays the ball around a bit and believes it all.

Feyenoord also offers lousy little in return, because the Rotterdammers trudge along a bit.

in 3 days

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

40 'A moment of excitement when a free kick from Tadic flies towards the far corner (although the ball seems to have gone wide).

In any case, Bijlow was wrong, but Botteghin still heads the ball just to be sure.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

38 'Bad passes, a slow pace and few interests.

It therefore produces a tame first half in De Kuip.

Ajax does not have to and Feyenoord cannot (for the time being).

Meanwhile, Tyrell Malacia gets a yellow card for a foul on Antony.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

After more than half an hour of play in Zwolle, ADO is still leading 0-1 at PEC by a goal from Adekanye.

The team from The Hague therefore still has a view of preservation in the Eredivisie.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

It wasn't really cheering, but the Ajax players are certainly happy with the lead in Rotterdam.

The goal was scored by a Feyenoord player (Senesi).

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

Here we see a group of (former) Feyenoord players in the stands in De Kuip.

They see that Feyenoord has to work hard in the hunt for a result.

in 3 days

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

30 'We played for half an hour in Rotterdam.

It is certainly not a spectacle, but Ajax does lead 0-1 through Senesi's own goal.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

27 'Goal Feyenoord rejected! 

Feyenoord thinks to come to 1-1 via Bozeník, but the striker is offside, so his goal does not count.

Rightly so, it turns out.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

Dusan Tadic did not thank Feyenoord coach Advocaat for the 0-1, but Ajax's opening goal was indeed a gift from the team from Rotterdam.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

21 'GOAL Ajax! 


Ajax takes the lead in Rotterdam, but it can thank Feyenoord for that.

After a corner, Eric Botteghin shoots the ball away, but he hits Marcos Senesi, so that the ball ends up in the goal.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

20 'Great opportunity for Noussair Mazraoui!

Ajax releases the right back via Antony, but the shot is well turned by Bijlow.

in 3 days

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

Will ADO still make it?

The team from The Hague leads after twenty minutes with 0-1 at PEC Zwolle and this is now the virtual position at the bottom:

15. Willem II 31-25

16. Emmen 32-24

17. VVV 32-23

18. ADO 32-22

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

They cannot enjoy it for the time being.

The Classic has yet to really ignite and that is why the 0-0 score is not so bad.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

We played for fifteen minutes in Rotterdam.

Leroy Fer receives a yellow card for a serious foul on Ryan Gravenberch.

There is not yet a goal in De Kuip.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

12 'GOAL ADO! 


We had hardly anything to say about PEC-ADO, but now we have scored!

Bobby Adekanye cuts in and shoots the ball into the far corner.

Last but not least ADO, who really has to win, also takes the lead in Zwolle.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

11 'On the other hand, Justin Bijlow is tested by Dusan Tadic, but the Feyenoord goalie has no problems with the Ajax captain's free kick.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

9 'There is the first big chance and that is for Feyenoord.

After good return of Lutsharel Geertruida, João Carlos Teixeira mows over the ball and in the rebound Bryan Linssen hits Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg.

The corner that follows does not pose any danger.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

8 'Ajax mainly has the ball in the opening phase.

Despite the national title, the Amsterdammers seem to be looking forward to it.

There have not been any real opportunities yet.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

This is the new Ajax away shirt.

Anyway, we play football in Rotterdam.

The first three minutes have not yet yielded any great opportunities.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days

1 'Kick-off! 

The whistle has also sounded at PEC-ADO.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

1 'Kick-off! 

We are on the way for this Classic in De Kuip!

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

Just the




: Bijlow, Geertruida, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia;

Fer, Teixeira, Kökçü;

Linssen, Bozeník and Sinisterra.


: Stekelenburg;

Mazraoui, Timber, Martinez, Rensch;

Álvarez, Gravenberch, Klaassen;

Antony, Haller and Tadic.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

The players come onto the field in Rotterdam!

Ajax does that in a new away shirt.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

The previous competition match between Feyenoord and Ajax in De Kuip was extremely special.

The Rotterdammers, with a leading role for Robin van Persie, won 6-2 against the arch-rival.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

This is how the last editions of De Klassieker in De Kuip ended:

27-02-2019: Feyenoord-Ajax 0-3

27-01-2019: Feyenoord-Ajax 6-2

22-10-2017: Feyenoord-Ajax 1-4

23- 10-2016: Feyenoord-Ajax 1-1

08-11-2015: Feyenoord-Ajax 1-1

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

Earlier this season, on January 17, Ajax won 1-0 at home against Feyenoord.

Ryan Gravenberch signed for the only goal in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

The players are warming up in De Kuip.

In less than fifteen minutes the ball will start rolling in Rotterdam ...

Feyenoord-Ajax · in 3 days

This is not Ajax's new away shirt, but the team from Amsterdam will soon be playing in a new outfit.

That shirt is blue, black and white.

PEC Zwolle-ADO The Hague · in 3 days


These are the line-ups of PEC and ADO for their game at 2.30 pm:

PEC Zwolle:


Bajselmani, Lam, Nakayama, Paal;

Van den Belt, Strieder, Saymak;

Drost, Tedic and Clement.

ADO The Hague:


Van Ewijk, Zuiverloon, Pinas, Kemper;

De Boer, Goossens, El Khayati;

Mokhtar, Arweiler, Adekanye.

Eredivisie · in 3 days

We continue with the matches from 2.30 p.m. in the Eredivisie:

  • Feyenoord-Ajax

  • PEC Zwolle-ADO

FC Emmen-FC Groningen · in 3 days


FC Groningen records an important and big win at FC Emmen: 0-4.

Arjen Robben, who started in the base, is worth gold with two assists.

Alessio Da Cruz scores two goals.

Groningen is now almost certain of the play-offs for European football.

FC Emmen remains sixteenth and still has to work hard in the fight against relegation.

FC Emmen-FC Groningen 0-4

0-1 Van Hintum (28 ')

0-2 Da Cruz (52')

Assist Robben

0-3 Da Cruz (62 ')

Assist Robben

0-4 Abraham (81')

FC Emmen-FC Groningen · in 3 days

88 'Oh Beach Larsen!

The substitute has to make it 0-5, but shoots the ball wide from close by.

There, Emmen escapes an even greater defeat.

FC Emmen-FC Groningen · in 3 days

86 'We are heading towards the end here in Emmen.

FC Groningen is having a pleasant afternoon and is almost certain of a ticket for the play-offs for European football.

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