The horse racing G1 race "NHK Mile Cup" was held at Tokyo Racecourse, and the second most popular Schnellmeister won the championship.

The "NHK Mile Cup" was a 1600-meter turf G1 race in which a 3-year-old horse competed, and was held unattended at the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu City, Tokyo.

Eighteen horses entered the race, and immediately after the start, Jockey Yusuke Fujioka, who rode on the third most popular Basrat Leon, dropped off.

The second most popular Schnellmeister reached the final straight line in the middle, and when the remaining 200 meters was cut, he jumped forward.

Then, just before the goal, he passed the lead songline and won the championship with a time of 1'31.06.

The second place was the songline with a nose, and the third place was the most popular Grenadier Guards.

The refund is 370 yen for the 15th win, 2880 yen for the 5-7 frame, 3690 yen for the 10th-15th horses, 4960 yen for the 15th-10th horses, and 8th for the triples. -10 to 15 is 3540 yen, triple single is 15-10 to 8 is 21,180 yen, wide is 10 to 15 is 980 yen, 8 to 15 is 300 yen, 8 is -10 was 660 yen.