John Coates, the vice president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has said there is nothing left that could jeopardize the Tokyo Olympics this year.

According to the Australian, the corona pandemic is not a threat to the largest sporting event in the world.

"No, there is not," Coates replied on Saturday to the question from the


news agency

whether there is a scenario that could cause the games to be postponed or canceled before July.

The IOC leader said the Games will continue in July and August as organizers have designed a "custom Olympic bubble" to protect athletes and the Japanese people from the coronavirus.

Coates, who chairs the Games Coordination Committee on behalf of the IOC, told the Australian Olympic Committee in Sydney on Saturday that the 484 Australian athletes can prepare for "the experience of a lifetime".

According to Coates, experts say the Games can proceed safely.

The vice-president said the IOC has "been learning every day" and that the "tome" of health requirements for participants unveiled last week is "a guide to safe and successful Games."

Little support in Japan

In Japan, doubts about allowing the Olympic Games to go ahead have grown in recent months.

For example, support among Japanese for allowing the Olympic Games to go ahead shrank sharply.

About 230,000 residents of the country have now signed a petition calling for the Games to be canceled.

The turning public opinion in Japan coates "a concern".

On Friday, the state of emergency, which has been in force since the end of April, was extended by 20 days in Tokyo.

The new end date of May 31 is less than two months before the start of the Games, which start on July 23.

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