In response to the prospect that the new coronavirus vaccine will be provided to athletes of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee will conduct a questionnaire asking each competition group when athletes can be vaccinated. It was decided.

Regarding the new corona vaccine for participants in the Tokyo Games, the IOC = International Olympic Committee has signed a memorandum of understanding between American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German company BioNTech, and through the Olympic and Paralympic Committees of each country and region. It was announced on the 6th that the vaccine will be provided to athletes and related parties.

In response to this, the JOC announced a policy to conduct a questionnaire asking when and where athletes can inoculate at a meeting with the strengthening staff of the competition organization held on the 7th.

In response to the fact that the situation differs depending on the competition group and athletes, such as holding training camps overseas or refraining from competitions, we will ask for a response by the 11th of this month, and inoculate in what form based on the response. We are planning to consider concretely whether to do