The Asia-Oceania continental qualifying round, which requires boats to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, was held in Tokyo, and the women's lightweight double scull was nominated by a pair of Chiaki Tomita and Ayami Oishi.

The Asia-Oceania continental qualifying for boats was held at the Sea Forest Waterway, the venue for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in Koto-ku, Tokyo, with approximately 80 athletes from 18 countries and regions participating.

Of these, the pair of Tomita and Oishi, who participated in the women's lightweight double scull final, allowed the lead in the first half, but suddenly reversed in the final stage and won the championship with a time of 7 minutes 15 seconds 84.

In addition, Japanese players were the men's lightweight double sculls with a pair of Naoki Furuta and Mitsuo Nishimura, the men's single scull with Ryuta Arakawa, and the women's single scull with Shiho Yonekawa.

According to the regulations of international rowing organizations, the maximum number of slots for the Tokyo Olympics that can be obtained at this tournament is the second for each country or region. As a result of discussions, the Japan Rowing Association has discussed with Tomita, a women's lightweight double scull. A pair of players and Oishi and Arakawa, a men's single scull, have been selected as representatives.

In addition, on the 7th, the women's single scull final race of Paraboat was also held, and Tomomi Ichikawa of Japan beat the Sri Lankan player to take first place, and was appointed as the Paralympic representative for the first time.

Tomita Oishi pair "I want to show my strength even in the corona disaster"

Chiaki Tomita is 27 years old from Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.

He started competing in the high school boat club, and at the 2019 World Championships, he won the silver medal, the first Japanese female player to win a lightweight single scull, which is not an Olympic event.

Chiaki Tomita, who will be participating in the Olympic Games for the second time in a row, said, "Since the last Rio de Janeiro Games have just ended, I want to aim for a final that is higher than the previous one. I heard it, and I think that's true, but I want to show my strength at the Olympics even in the Corona disaster. "

Ayami Oishi is 30 years old from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

I used to play basketball until junior high school, but I started boating in high school.

Ayami Oishi said, "The combination has grown tremendously compared to the time of the Rio de Janeiro tournament. Anyway, I want to cherish one day and talk with each other."

The pair of Tomita and Oishi made their first Olympic appearance at the last Rio de Janeiro Olympics and finished 12th.

Arakawa "Aiming to remain in the final"

Ryuta Arakawa is 26 years old from Yokohama.

I used to play basketball until high school, but I entered college and started boating.

With a dynamic saw that makes the most of his height of 1 meter and 85 centimeters, he won the bronze medal in the men's single scull at the 2018 Asian Games.

Ryuta Arakawa, who will be participating in the Olympic Games for the first time, said, "I was more nervous than I expected and it was hard, but I was relieved to take the first place. At the Tokyo Olympics, I am aiming to remain in the final. I want to convey that Japanese people can fight even in events where there is no weight limit. "

Ichikawa "I want to show you how I'm doing my best"

Tomomi Ichikawa is 41 years old from Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. In 2012, Ichikawa, who fell while snowboarding and injured his chest, participated in a player excavation program in Tokyo in 2016 and started the competition.

Since the lower half of the body does not move, the oars can be squeezed only with the strength of the upper half of the body, but the dynamic sawing that makes use of the long arms of 1 meter and 74 cm in height is a characteristic.

Although he was 7th in the 2018 World Championships and the lowest among the 14 athletes who participated in the 2019 World Championships, he steadily strengthened himself and decided to participate in the Paralympics for the first time.

Tomomi Ichikawa said, "I don't know what will happen in the future due to the current infection status of the new coronavirus, but since there is a Paralympic Games in Tokyo, I want to show my family and friends who support me that I am doing my best." ..