In professional baseball, five night games were played.

Pacific League

▽ Softbank vs. Seibu drew 2 to 2.

Softbank led 2 points by 3 times with Shuto's No. 3 solo.

In the 4th inning, Yamakawa, who had returned from injury, hit No. 2 solo, and in the 7th inning, Kuriyama hit No. 2 solo to catch up.

In addition, the starting pitchers of both teams pitched well, with Softbank pitching Ishikawa 2 goals in the 8th inning and Seibu pitching 2 goals in the 7th inning.

▽ Lotte vs. Orix, Lotte won 7-5.

Lotte took the lead in the 3rd inning with Ogino's timely two-base, and in the following 4th inning, Inoue's No. 1 three-run scored an additional point.

In the 7th inning, which was caught up by 1 point, Laird pushed out with a 2-point timely two-base.

Starting pitcher Ishikawa is the second win with four goals in the seventh inning.

In Orix, starting pitcher Yamaoka suffered a third defeat with five goals in five innings.

▽ Nippon-Ham vs. Rakuten, Nippon-Ham won 6 to 1.

Nippon-Ham added points in the 5th inning with a 1-point lead and Sugiya's squeeze play, and in the 6th inning, added 3 points with Ishii's 2-point timely three-base.

Starting pitcher Drew VerHagen is his first victory of the season with one goal in five innings.

In Rakuten, pitcher Hideaki Wakui, who has won four wins in line with the league top, suffered the first black star of the season with six goals in six innings.

Central League

▽ Giants vs. Yakult, Yakult won 6-4.

Yakult made a comeback by scoring 4 points in 3 consecutive timely 1 to 3 8 times, Shiomi's No. 4 solo, Murakami, Osuna, and Aoki.

The third pitcher, Kanakubo, held down three innings with no runs and scored his third win without losing, and Yakult stopped the losing streak with three.

The giant was unable to escape after being hit by a third pitcher, Nakagawa.

▽ DeNA vs. Hanshin, DeNA won 12-6.

DeNA was caught up with a 6-6 tie in the 7th inning, but Ura and Austin won the No. 5 solo, and Miyazaki and Minei hit consecutive timely two bases to win 5 points at once. ..

The sixth pitcher, Mikami, is the first white star in three years.

In Hanshin, rookie Teruaki Sato struck the No. 10 solo lined up at the top of the league, but the relief team was struck and the winning streak stopped at 4.

Giant Sugano leaves with a sense of discomfort in his right elbow

Pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano, a professional baseball giant, hurriedly got off the mound due to a sense of discomfort in his right elbow after pitching four times against Yakult on the night of the 7th.

Pitcher Sugano started the game against Yakult at Tokyo Dome on the night of the 7th, pitching 51 balls up to the 4th inning, 2 hits, and no runs.

However, in the 4th back attack, he came around in batting order and was sent a pinch hitter.

According to the team, he suddenly got off the mound because of a feeling of strangeness in his right elbow.

In this game, the fastball was conspicuous in the low 140km range, and the fastest was 148km, which was pitching mainly for changing balls.

Pitcher Sugano served as the opening pitcher this season, but after the match he complained of discomfort in his legs, and once in March he was deregistered as a player in the 1st Army.