44-year-old Li Fen won his two matches 3-0, as did Nomin Baasan.

They were complemented by Filippa Bergand who won her match 3-1.

- It went unexpectedly easy.

Up in Lekstorp, it was after all a couple of 3-2s and tight 3-1s.

Here we clearly won.

We got a 2-0 lead and then it just ran on, sums up Mattias Andersson, coach and women's team manager, for Skånska Dagbladet.

In the final, which is decided in the best of three matches and starts on Wednesday 19 May, Halmstad or Köping are waiting a bit.

It says 1-1 in matches.

- It is at this level that we must reach to win the final, says the forward-looking Andersson.