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this year's K-League, young players are remarkable. In particular, the three musketeers born in the 2000s from Maetango, who are leading Suwon's leap forward, are attracting attention as they are called'Maetan Boys'.

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan met.


Suwon, who suffered a relegation crisis for the past two consecutive seasons, and crushed'the pride of the famous family', is enjoying a warm spring day by running at the top of the ranks these days.

The driving force behind the leap is that Maetango Sang-bin Sang-bin, Kang Hyun-mook, and Kim Tae-hwan exploded like dynamite.

The three musketeers, each one year apart, have earned the nickname Maetan Boys from BTS by collaborating with 7 goals, which is half of the team's score, with a quick breath that they matched since high school.



:'Mae' Tango Youth]

[Jung Sang-bin:'Than' of a strong organizational power]

[Kim Tae-hwan:'High' performance players]

19-year-old youngest Jung-Bin, who scored the 3rd goal as a diving header with the help of 20-year-old Kang Hyeon-mook He quickly emerged as a candidate for the rookie


, and

[Sangbin Jeong/Suwon attacker: (Kang) Hyunmook seems to have a good match with his brother. I want to fill 10 offensive points.]

Born in 2000, flank defender Kim Tae-hwan is aiming to compete in the Olympics, showing off his attacking instincts.

[Kim Tae-hwan/Suwon defender: (Olympic national team) I know that multi-resources are needed, so I think I want to challenge myself.]

Suwon's morning stars, each with a distinctive color with a different goal ceremony, are brightening the future with their brilliant companionship.

[Kang Hyun-mook/Suwon midfielder: (Kim) Tae-hwan will dance with his brother once.]

[Maetan Boys Fighting!]

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Park Chun-bae, CG: Kang Yun-jeong)