The Japan Rugby Football Union has announced that Suntory will advance to the semi-finals following the cancellation of the quarter-final Suntory vs. Ricoh, a playoff tournament scheduled for the 9th.

Suntory and Ricoh were scheduled to face each other in the top league playoff tournament quarterfinals scheduled for the 9th, but since 22 players and staff had a positive PCR test by the 1st of this month at Ricoh. It was canceled.

The Japan Rugby Union will not play a substitute match, and if Suntory can get the required number of players 48 hours before the scheduled start time based on the league rules, the semi-final advancement will be confirmed.

And on the 7th, Suntory has 23 players required for match registration, so it is decided to advance to the semi-final to be held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka on the 16th of this month.