The Swedish Sailing Federation, the cycling federation, the orienteering federation, the canoe federation, the triathlon federation and the athletics federation together have over 420,000 members.

And since March last year, exercise races and outdoor competitions have been canceled on the assembly line - due to the corona pandemic.

But now the Swedish Sports Confederation and the six special sports federations have had enough.

"Here logic lags"

“Looking for controls in a forest, catching a dinghy or cycling along a country road cannot lead to the spread of infection.

But that is exactly what you are signaling when the government bans our competitions because we are in a place where we cannot put up fences around or build walls and roofs around.

Here the logic falters ", writes RF chairman Björn Eriksson in an open letter to Amanda Lind, Mikael Damberg and Lena Hallengren.

"We all work towards the same goal and we want to change - not set".

Calls on the government

In the letter, Eriksson mentions that competition is an important carrot for children and young people to continue playing sports.

And now the Swedish Sports Confederation, and the six special sports federations, want a change.

"We now call on the government and the Public Health Agency to ensure that the new regulation does not set an absolute ceiling of 150 participants in exercise races and similar outdoor competitions on large areas."